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The Downbeat #1453: The Scary 0-2 Halloween Edition

Utah Jazz are 0-2. Rudy Gobert is a rockstar. I love Rudy Gobert. Rudy Gobert is amazing. How did Denver ever trade Rudy Gobert to the Jazz? Happy Halloween from SLC Dunk and Andrei Kirilenko!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Congrats to the Utah Jazz for outscoring the Dallas Mavericks by 7 points in the 2nd half of last nights game.

Yucca Man has your recap here. I liked this from his recap (well all of it but you know) Read it, seriously you will laugh so hard)

Our beloved team has a long way to go. In many ways it feels like they're simply continuing where the team left off last year: three guys who have proven themselves worth being in a good team's rotation (Favors, Hayward, and Burks), all three leaving us fans chattering with muses, wondering if any of them have another step they can take, and the rest of the team trying to prove they can be decent players.

And then there is a part about second breakfast and an arduous journey.  The Jazz are on an arduous journey but I am so glad Dennis Lindsey is our Gandalf.

"For even the very wise cannot see all ends." -J.R.R. Tolkien

I am confident Dennis Lindsey and Quin Snyder have a much brighter end in mind than we can see right now. I am confident that these two first games are not indicative of how this team will continue to play. These losses do not worry me in the least, the Jazz are in good hands.

So... what happened to our winning, confident Jazz of the preseason? Why do they look so unsure of what they are doing on the court? I honestly think its a combination of nerves and who we have played. Houston had an incredible shooting night on Wednesday. To the point where all you could do was laugh. Dallas was playing their home opener. Since Cuban bought the Mavs it seems like Utah has always struggled against Dirk and the Mavs in Dallas. They always bring their best game against us. I remember Dirk making our 50+ Deron William led teams look pretty silly in Dallas too. Now I'm not making excuses for our team. I just don't think things are bad. I think we will be fine.

Some interesting tweets from NBA writer Nate Ducan.

Thoughts on what's going on?

ICYMI: Moni is keeping track of the most truly important stats from this season's games at her blog.

moni recap

I am so glad this fun part of her blog is back.  If you are not doing so already please make Moni's blog: a part of your daily Jazz readings.

Rudy Gobert is in Rolling Stone magazine! Read his interview here.

The interview is so Rudy. I love Rudy.

Rudy talks about:

  • His nickname (from @djjazzyjody) The Stifle Tower
  • His rookie season and opens a little about his displeasure of lack of playing time last year.
  • His hope for this new season under a new coach.
  • His belief that the Jazz will make the playoffs!

Game 2.

A photo posted by rudy gobert (@rudygobert15) on

Go Rudy! I am grateful every single game that we have Rudy Gobert on our team. I absolutely love him. I can't believe that the Nuggets traded Gobert to us. I hope beyond hope Rudy Gobert is a Jazz lifer.

Happy Halloween!

What is everyone going to be for Halloween? If you're not dressing up what was your favorite costume you wore as a kid?