Jazz player hairstyles/facial hair I would like to see.

Here are some hairstyles/facial hairsyles I would like to see on particular Jazz players and/or coaches for this upcoming season:

Gordon Hayward. Now that Gordon Hayward is making the "big bucks" I would like to see him sport a Chris-Mullin-style "flat top" haircut. That would make him look like the bully that he has expressed a desire to become during this upcoming season. No one would be giving him a wet willy with that rad haircut--without risking having him slit their throat! A close second hairstyle I would like to see on "Gordo" would be the "long stringy comb-over hair and mutton chop sideburns" look that Chris Farley sported in the movie "Billy Madison" (in his unforgettable role as the bus rider for the school field trip). Again that hair/facial hair style would make him look absolutely psycho, which he could use to his advantage in getting into other player's heads.

Alec Burks/Dante Exum/Derrick Favors/Rudy Gobert. I think all four of these young studs would look absolutely fabulous in a retro 70's style 10-inch afro haircut. When Derrick or Rudy were coming at another player for a vicious dunk on offense or a vicious block on defense, or if Alec Burks or Dante Exum were streaking past another player for a drive to the basket, all the opposing player would see is that big-ass, scary afro coming at them.

Coach Q. Ponytail--enough said.

Enes Kanter. Shaved head and huge fu manchu mustache and goatee. With a big scowl on his face, I can hear him challenging an opposing player to try to drive through the key on him, saying with a thick Turkish accent, "Go ahead, make my day!"

Jeremy Evans/Trey Burke/Rodney Hood. I think all three of these young men would look absolutely bitchin' in a Nerlens-Noel-type afro hairstyle.

Are there any particular hair styles/facial hairsyles you would like to see on your favorite Jazz players this upcoming season?

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