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Utah Jazz are an Open Book - The Downbeat #1470

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are you excited for hoops to return to your face? Yes, the Open Scrimmage is tonight, but as of this writing news of the NBA's new tv contracts with ESPN and TNT have come to light. Here are some highlights:

  • Nine years, $24 billion. That's 3x the last tv deal. With the slow decline of the NFL, the people need to get their sports from somewhere, and the networks are betting it's the NBA.
  • Disney is paying $485/yr to show games on their networks. TNT will pay $445/yr.
  • Kicks in before the 2016-17 season

Find more details from SB Nation here.

Details from ESPN and TNT.

The new tv deal being more lucrative than expected is good for Jazz fans. It has been stated previously, but this makes the burden of Hayward's new contract MUCH less. Now, sit back and watch the absurd contracts that start to pile up, and prepare yourself for the owner's backlash against their self inflicted wounds in the form of the next lockout.

Or, this could happen:

On Friday, Moni talked about the Jazz's new found love for defense. On the offensive side, we have one other thing to look forward to:

You may be asking yourself, "How is Mr. Jones so sure of this?" Well, that's due to more changes by the new Jazz staff: Media got to cover the entire practice:

Who knows if they'll have this kind of access all year, but it's good to see the local guys having such access to the team.

Jazz basketball is so imminent, here is the outlook for the next week:

Mon, Oct. 6 Open Scrimmage 6:30 p.m. (streamed at

Tue, Oct. 7 PORTLAND 7 p.m. (Root Sports)

Thu, Oct. 9 @ Portland 8 p.m.

Mon, Oct. 13 L.A. CLIPPERS 7 p.m. (Root Sports)

Who will win the rookie dance battle tonight? Rodney Hood? Danté Exum? Brock Motum?

I'm going Brock Motum. Never underestimate the big white guys willingness to humiliate himself. (Love you, Big Fes)