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Preseason Game Recap: Portland Trail Blazers at Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz shine in Quin Snyder's first game as head coach. Utah Jazz beat the Portland Trail Blazers 92-73

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

It's just preseason. It's  just preseason. It's just preseason. That's what I kept having to remind myself as the Utah Jazz blew out the Portland Trail Blazers 92-73 to start the preseason 1-0.  Alec Burks lead the way for the Jazz with 12 points. I think Matt Harpring will be hearing Boler yelling "Houdini!!!!" in his sleep tonight.

Burks was one of five starters to finish in double figures. Favors finished with his first double double of the season with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter and Trey Burke all scored 11 points in the game. Needless to say our starters played as a team. No more dump it into the post and see what happens kind of offense for us!

Three Highlights:

The offense: The Jazz moved the ball around. I couldn't believe all the movement I was seeing on offense. It was so beautiful to see. It was like the days of yore. The team looked absolutely disciplined on offense.

50%- The Jazz shot 50% from three. The Jazz only attempted 14 three-pointers but they were all good shots. The threes were all within the offense. Its not like last year where they broke a franchise record for three-point attempts in a game but they were ugly, awful shots. The threes the Jazz took tonight were a thing of beauty.

Burks: I LOVED watching Burks. In fact I loved it so much my tweet made it onto the Jazz broadcast tonight.

Burks slashed the lane, jackknifed it in and made Brewereque back-door cuts.

Three Lowlights:

Nothing. Lets just enjoy this most amazing, beautiful win!

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