And on the first day... MuJu's furst Mumu

Guys, we are back.

Unlike our beloved Fes, who was making news again today...

Anyways, this Jazz offseason has been an interesting one, and man am I ready to get back to real Jazz basketball. After watching our rookie point guard be hero-ball super-clutch, which we both liked and disliked, we started the break earlier than we would have liked, with a better record than we would have liked (what??), having not seen the players developed that we collectively would have liked, and let go of the salary leeches and a communications-poor coaching staff, which we all liked.

Then luck fell our way with 3 different teams in the East. Boston lost the coin flip that tied us, Philly picked Embiid at 3, and Orlando picked Gordon at 4. That left Dennis Lindsey the door wide open, through which no time was wasted, in picking media-hype darling-from-Down-Undeh Dante Exum at 5. When he was drafted, I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought it was some dastardly trick my supervisor was playing with me for checking the draft while on the clock on a company computer. Despite keeping up here on the Dunk, it took me until attending the open practice in July before Las Vegas Summer League to fully believe it. And when they handed out t-shirts with his face and I saw him walk onto the floor and start running transition drills, I finally started to have hope in this season for my Jazz.

What I didn't know until that night was that Exum was just a decoy. Exum, for all his "hype" and "ultra-high ceiling" and "star potential" and "unknown game" and "future of the franchise" media spin put out by our beloved Jazz FO, was brought from Australia to Utah for only one thing.

Or should I say, one MAN.

In that free practice, attended by more Jazz fans than most regular season games last year, I saw the true future of the franchise, the anchor of our offense, the one who will lead us to a championship. I saw a glimpse of a forgotten 60% field goal shooting in FIBA U-19 in 2009. I saw echoes of an All Pac12 selection, stashed overseas for a year. I saw his 18.7 points per game the year before that. There was scoring and rebounding and spin moves and pass-looking things.

This man led the Jazz in different categories in each of their Playoff games (in summer league) (rebounding in one, assists in the other) and even garnered the praise of Jazz anchor Derrick Favors.

The individual I am talking about, of course (if you didn't get it by the trolling name of this user and fanpost) is none other than the "the other Aussie", the man, the myth, the soon-to-be legend (right?)


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