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Quin Snyder: The Leader the Utah Jazz Need Downbeat #1473

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Highlights from Tuesday night, and some things to look for tonight.

Things to look for tonight: I expect the Blazers to play much better tonight than the other night. I expect more effort and more playing time for their starters. It looks like the Utah Jazz are working on foundational sets for both offense and defense that will be used throughout the season. I think individual adjustments and wrinkles in the offense will appear more and more as the guys get more comfortable in the sets.

Defense: I know it's one game, but It looks like the Jazz are going to try and force the opposing player away from the baseline and back into the paint. This should minimize the number of weak side corner threes, because the baseline passing lane will be shutoff forcing a skip pass to the corner, which has to be made over multiple defenders.

Also look for how we play the Pick and Roll on Damian Lillard. Do we go over or under the screen. We can always make adjustments, but it will give us an idea of the philosophy moving forward.

Do we currently have a Burks or Kanter contract extension in the works? Neither player is a max player, so the amount and length of the contract should not matter. The deal would need to be signed before Oct. 31st  NBA AM: Will Kenneth Faried’s Deal Be The Domino? | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

The Jazz and Kanter are talking extension, which might be surprising for Jazz fans that have been less than enamored with the Turkish big man. This isn’t a case of offering major money, rather a case of locking in a player the Jazz like and continue to see promise in. This one will come down to years and dollars, and if Marcus Morris’ deal is the barometer, something in the $25-$30 million over four or five years seems like the price point Utah would do a deal on.

Kanter’s camp has to weigh the option of testing free agency in July, or locking in Kanter’s future today. If Kanter comes at a discount, he could get a deal before the deadline.

I think that the recent addition of adding Okur has something to do with the Utah Jazz sweetening the pot to keep Kanter. I don't know where he stands now, but it has been apparent in the past that he has not the most delighted to be here. Hopefully, a new coach, a new role on the team, and the hiring of Memo will keep him here.

We need Alec Burks on our team. He can do things that no one else can. I see the salaries coming in around the same range.

Randy Rigby on 1280sports Audio File

On the first game and preseason

"Our guys have worked very hard"

"To me our players looked in better shape.... and energy"

"We've got some work to do on the offensive side.... I think"

"I thought our defense was much more active... and getting back... forming a wall"

"I think our fans really enjoyed it"

On Alec Burks

"Alec has to buy in to this system"


"That is a wonderful deal... it should send a message to everyone in the NBA"

"There is a good CBA in place"

"I think the three of us could live together.... ummm not live together"

From the early looks of things, it looks like Quin Snyder is the "leader" the Utah Jazz have so desperately needed. Leaders have to manage from time to time, but leaders have a vision and they help everyone catch/see that vision. Leaders hold people accountable. Leaders build other close attention to Favors, Hayward and some of the assistant coaches over the next few months. It has already started to happen in the few interviews that we have seen. Everyone will start to talk about the same things and focus on the same things. The vision is slowly being transferred from the coach down to the assistants and then to the players. This is something that has been passed from DL to Snyder over the past four or five months. It is something that DL learned in the San Antonio system. It will slowly trickle through the entire team and organization. It should be fun to watch.

What impressed you most about the first preseason game. What changes or adjustments do you expect tonight?