Slow Down Offense at the End of Halfs

As I watched the UTAvsATL game, and the UTAvsIND games, there is something that NBA teams all do that drives me crazy.

The slow down offense at the end of the half when you have a lead. The Jazz did this in both the IND and the ATL game, they have a lead going into the half or at the end of the game and instead of running the motion offense that has been working the rest of the game, they spread the floor and try to get a basket at the end of the shot clock.


It has not worked for the Jazz the last 2 games, and I think cost them those two games.

I think the Jazz need to continue running the offense as usual no matter the score or time remaining. Look at the box score from the ATL game.

Utah 1st and 3rd quarters, the jazz scored 32 and 34 respectively, the 2nd and 4th they scored 22 and 9.

I think the scoring deficit has a lot to do to the slow down and run the clock at the end of halfs.

Keep the flow of the offense moving throughout the game, play to win the game, not to not lose the game.

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