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Hayward and Favors Are Too Big Yo: The Downbeat #1478

Gordon Hayward and Derrick Favors are about to take the NBA by storm.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Gordon Hayward was able to speak with's James Herbert.  Here is an excerpt of what he talked about.  Here he's talking about the importance of his relationship with Coach Quin Snyder.

Q&A: Utah's Gordon Hayward makes his presence felt -
You wrote about having dinner with him in Chicago and getting to know him. How important is it to have that relationship with a coach where it's not just talking about pick-and-roll coverages?

It's very important ‘cause it's such a long season. We have lives outside of basketball, and a lot of times the stuff that happens outside can sometimes affect how you play on the court. And for him to know that we're all going through different things, and just to be there for you as a friend, or a guy that you can go and talk to about whatever's on your mind, is huge. So when it comes time to talk about things on the basketball court, you respect him as a man and not just as a coach.

What's unique about him?

I think his passion for the game is definitely unquestioned. I feel like he's been one of the hardest-working coaches I've ever been around. He's constantly looking at what he can do to make us better as a team. Very detail-oriented. I think he's just a super competitor.

While much has been talked about his play on the court.  Hayward still considers himself lazy ... with his beard.

Real talk.  Trey Burke didn't make that game winner.  Dante Exum moved the ball into the basket with his mind.

The Jazz's new fun style is not being lost on the national audience.  Many can see that the Jazz are making actual progress.  (SEE GUYZ?  WE NOT CRAZY!  WE KINDA GOOD NOW.  SORTA GOOD.  DEPENDS ON THE NIGHT.  LIKE IF WE PLAY A YMCA TEAM WE NO LOSE NOW.)  Sports Illustrated Chris Johnson has the story.

Jazz's rebuilding advancing as Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors blossom - NBA -
The Jazz have passed the point in their rebuilding process where incompetence outweighs intrigue. This is a maturing team whose pieces are finally beginning to resemble something more than just raw talent with upside. It’s why some observers predicted Utah to be this year’s 2013-14 Suns. The Jazz, in simple terms, are getting closer, and watching them bridge the gap from fun outfit to playoff combatant will be fascinating.

We're intriguing!  We're fascinating!  HOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAYYYYYY!

According to, the Jazz have two players in the top 15 of PER.  Yes, it's true.  I can prove it.


See?  See?  See!!!!

In fact, Gordon Hayward is listed as one of the to low usage, high efficiency guys in the NBA.

The problem is the Jazz have a chucker.

Trey Burke has been going through a slump.  If that's what you want to call it.  I call it a trend because the Jazz have now played 11 games.  Sports Illustrated believes the young point guard is in bad company even listing Trey in the All-Brick Layers Team of 2014-2015. Here's what he had to say.

Trey Burke

Last month, Burke was tabbed by as one of five sophomores set to take the next step this season. So far, that step ha led to a head-first stumble down a flight of stairs for Utah's 22-year-old point guard. The good news is that Burke's slumping hasn't crushed the Jazz, who are 3-5 and have already established themselves as one of the league's most entertaining young teams. The bad news is that Burke's shooting numbers are so bad that they just about defy comparison.

Burke is currently shooting an anemic 30.2 percent from the field and 22 percent from deep while posting a usage rate of 20.7. Prior to this season, no NBA player has ever shot worse than 31 percent from the field while posting a usage rate greater than 20; put simply, it's proven to be impossible to miss that often and still get playing time and scoring opportunities. Jazz fans who aren't yet ready to turn the keys over to 2014 lottery pick Dante Exum must hope that Burke's numbers will improve as he continues to get acclimated to life under new coach Quin Snyder. It's still too early to condemn Burke to the "hopeless" pile, but he is tied with Smith for the worst effective field goal percentage among the NBA's 60 most-prolific shooters. That's the definition of bad company.

Fair or not fair?