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Trey Burke and Dante Exum developing chemistry, have fun on NBA Inside Stuff

It's a good sign that your team may actually have nationally likable players if you are getting on NBA Inside Stuff

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Today Utah Jazz point guards Trey Burke and Dante Exum were interviewed by NBA Inside Stuff's Kristen Ledlow (the Co-host with Grant Hill) when they were in New York last week. They had a sit down interview that was obviously longer than the four minutes they had on the TV show, and sadly, most of it was spent on a full piece where they played an Aussie slang guessing game. Anyway, here's the transcript as best as I could understand it:

Time Stamp: 11:16 -- 11:20

<Highlight Package of both players>

KL: You guys are teaming up in the back court, obviously, for the Utah Jazz. Are you excited about that and the chemistry that's developing here?

TB: We have a long way to go to get to where we want to be as a group, but I definitely think the future is bright for us. It's going to be a fun season.

<More Highlights>

KL: This is called, do we have a name for this game? <"Speaking Australian"> I'm going to tell you Trey an Australian expression, you're going to tell me what you think it might mean, and you Dante are going to clear [it] up?

DE: What if I don't know what it means?

KL: Why wouldn't you know what it means?

DE: <nervous laughter>

KL: (To Trey) I'll award points based on your accent and your interpretation

TB: I hope I can get something right

KL: I bet you will

TB: <nervous laughter>

Phrase #1: That bloke put a cackleberry on the barbie

TB attempts to say that with an Aussie accent

KL: Very, very bad. (To Dante) And you should be offended.

TB: That bloke, as in . . . a stylist? I don't really have . . . I don't have a clue! I don't have a clue. Can I pass? Or . . . ?

DE: I don't know what a cackleberry is

KL: I was told that it was an egg

TB: I was thinking of a Barbie Doll

KL: Oh well then you would have been thinking wrong

Trey looks at Dante while laughing, Dante looks straight ahead at Kristen like she is an insane lady.

<Another highlight package, just Trey Burke highlights>

DE: Heading to the games he's talking to me, he's giving me good advice here or there. Being in the team and seeing him be such a young leader inspires me to kind of get to that level where he's at.

Phrase #2: I'm stuffed from the hard yards

Trey attempts to say it in an Aussie accent

TB: That was good, right?

KL: That was better, I'll give you six points for that one.

TB: I am full . . . from the . . . barbecue?

KL: It was wrong, but it was a good guess.

DE: I'm so stuffed meaning: tired.

KL: (Patronizingly) Oh Good!

DE: So, ‘my game last night I was stuffed from the hard yards' because the game before was a hard game so I was stuffed from it.

<More random highlights, all Trey Burke>

KL: (To Trey) When you come into the league seems like expectations were kind of thrust upon you, and kind of fulfilled those expectations for yourself.

TB: Yeah, absolutely. You know what to expect after your rookie season, because you've already been through it, 82 games is a lot of games. Mediocre games to really good games; you just need to learn how to fight through the adversity. It's something that I've definitely adjusted to, but I'm still a young player and I still have a lot to learn.

Phrase #3: That was a ripping chinwag

Trey tries to say it, gets interrupted

KL: It's just getting worse, I feel. I'm going to go ahead and subtract some points from that effort.

TB: Alright.

KL: (To Dante) Do you have any idea what it might mean?

DE: Yeah, I don't know where you are getting these from

TB: I'm winning right, am I?

KL: The internet?

KL: Apparently this guy is, like, fake Australian over here.

DE: Um, well ‘ripping' is good. So, I don't know . . . I don't know what a chinwag is.

KL: (Pointing to Trey) Well he's doing a ripping job at this game, and you're not.

For those who care, Trey Burke won 51-48, because she felt like docking Dante some points for not knowing enough Dante slang. I would have put up some screencaps, but man, this so wasn't worth it. I wish there was more actual interview, and less "I am a mean big city girl bullying 20 yr olds on camera," but we can't have everything.

It's good that our young team is getting love, and that we have marketable players now. It will only help the team in the long run. And yes, TB + DE is going to be great together.