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NBA Trade Rumor: Andrei Kirilenko to Utah Jazz for Jeremy Evans and Toure' Murry

ESPN's Marc Stein offers up alternative rumor to AK-47 to Cleveland Cavaliers

"I thought fraggles weren't real!"
"I thought fraggles weren't real!"
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like trade rumors? You're going to get a lot this season for the Utah Jazz, I presume. ESPN's Marc Stein offers up an alternative to the obvious Andrei Kirilenko to Cleveland Cavaliers and/or Philadelphia 76ers rumor -- the front running rumor if you ask me, like, what else should the Brooklyn Nets do?

Well, Stein tweeted:

Yesh. Saying goodbye to Toure' Murry (NBA-DL Dwyane Wade) and Jeremy Evans for a guy older than both of them, who isn't going to be able to do as many things is tough. However, the idea that the team that gets the best players wins the trade it's obvious that this would be yet another trade win for Dennis Lindsey.

It's important to note that the Jazz and Billy King (current GM of the Nets) have made a bunch of trades before. (From my post a few days ago):

N.B. King was the GM of Philly from 98 till 07. Here is a list of the UTA/PHI deals during that time period:

N.B. King was the GM of Brooklyn from 2010 onwards. Here is a list of the UTA/BKN deals during that time period:

So this would be the 7th Billy King / Kevin O'Connor (Utah) trade in recent history. Interesting.This trade can't be consummated until December 15th, but if this trade does go through, what will the outcome be?

Hollinger's trade machine suggests that:

Trade Rumor AK JE TM Trade Hollinger.PNG

And ReamGM posits this outcome:

Trade Rumor AK JE TM Trade RealGM

So, in a word:

In slightly more words, it's hard to say. Would I stand by this trade? Yes, BKN gets two expiring deals, and possibly more depth for a playoff run. Utah gets an impact bench player who has a very high basketball IQ and can defend a few different positions. Also it means that MashK's boutique store can re-open. (I'm guessing that it closed.)

Speaking of money, what's the money here? All three players are expiring deals. The Jazz would be taking on AK's $3.3 million and the Nets would be taking on $2.8 million. The actual difference ($531,364) isn't that much.

I think there's no real truth to this rumor, I don't know where it comes from besides Stein. This could just be agent spit-balling. At the end of the day it may just mean that the Cavaliers will have to give up more than Jeremy Evans and Toure' Murry. I don't know if they can much to give.