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Utah Jazz Alec Burks has fairly tale happy ending, reports Moni

This will be the best thing you read all day

"I knew someday the team wouldn't skip steps...."
"I knew someday the team wouldn't skip steps...."
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hours before the rookie scale contract extension deadline the Utah Jazz and Alec Burks came to an agreement on a $41+ million dollar deal, over four years and with a number of incentives along the way. This information was covered online, and at this site, here, here, and here. Other places, from the big brands like ESPN, SI, etc, had their say as well. Some delved into the numbers, others into the future speculation. But no one has covered the entire ordeal in the big picture -- except Moni. From being a highly regarded NCAA player, to a lottery pick, to a whipping boy . . . till his payday.

Check it all out here (the start of the tale), and here (the conclusion).

This is the best thing you will read all day.

Thank you Moni for being so awesome. And Jazz fans, visit the blog "" every day. It's the best Utah Jazz blog out there.