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Utah Jazz Power Rankings Round Up: Week 1

Power Rankings from SB Nation, ESPN, and CBS!

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In the off-season many people felt as thought the Utah Jazz had a chance to be even WORSE than last season, a season that was one win away from tying a four decades old worst ever season in franchise history mark. In the preseason some people liked what they saw, but let's be honest, not every national writer even took a second look at the Jazz.

After the first week of the season our boys are inching up there. They lost to the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks, but came back with a blowout win against the Phoenix Suns. The 1-2 week wasn't the best, but it was honestly a lot better than some people thought they'd fare.


SB Nation's Drew Garrison has the Jazz +1 from last week:

22. Utah Jazz (1-2, Last week: 23)

The Jazz have been inching toward a crossroad since this summer and made an important decision when they signed Alec Burks to a four-year, $42 million contract. That's left Enes Kanter in the cold, and he's responded by averaging eight points and 3.7 rebounds while shooting 40 percent from the field. Meanwhile, Burks is hitting 40 percent of his three-point attempts, and their other big man, 23-year-old Derrick Favors, leads the team with 21.7 points per game.

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ESPN's Marc Stein has the Jazz +4 from last week:

24. Utah Jazz (1-2, Last week: 28)

Not ready to co-sign suggestions Utah will be this season's Suns. You can't forget how little was expected out of the Desert Cinderellas before they erupted for 48 wins. But consider me sold on the Alec Burks extension, which might have proved even more expensive in the summer if Burks keeps Burks-ing.

Full ESPN power rankings here.


CBS's Matt Moore has the Jazz +2 from last week:

22. Utah Jazz (Last week 24)

The Jazz are playing with more energy and you're seeing a lot on a player by player basis that you want to see. But more than that, there's a clear plan in place... and that's a big step forward.

Full CBS power rankings here.


Is #22-24 the right place for our Utah Jazz? Seeing how the team was a Bottom 5 team from last year this suggests that Utah is somewhat better, but still in the bottom 1/3rds of the league. Improved play is necessary, especially on defense, but I am happy with the idea that our club is on the right track . . . finally.