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"That's My Point Guard": The Downbeat #1456

Trey Burke's struggles, Gordon Hayward's success, and Rudy Gobert's public execution.

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For as much progress fans saw with Trey Burke's play in preseason, they've witnessed just as much struggle with his play in the regular season.  As crazy as it sounds Dante Exum has been the better player thus far in the regular season.  If Trey Burke busts out of this slump then we'll most certainly point to Quin Snyder's patience with keeping Burke in the game and helping him push through it.  The numbers however are not on Trey Burke's side when making a comparison between him and Dante Exum.

Dante vs Trey

Not only has Trey been struggling mightily on the offensive end, his defensive struggles have been more glaring.  Trey's overall value over a replacement player (VORP) is -1.4.  Meaning he is barely 0.6 above the value of a replacement player (-2.0).  Only Enes Kanter has a worse VORP with -2.3.

Now we asked for Quin to develop these players so I'm not advocating that Quin bench Trey in favor of Exum.  Trey will have to improve on the court to justify Quin giving him those developmental minutes.  Unfortunately for Trey he doesn't have John Lucas or (INSERT D-LEAGUER HERE) backing him up this year.  He has a hungry, highly talented, lottery pick 2nd behind him on the depth chart.  Expectations are also higher.  Trey is now a second year player.  The decisions he's expected to make are supposed to be better.  If Trey doesn't make good use of those developmental minutes there are plenty of ways those minutes can be used in a better way for the improvement of the Utah Jazz.

Gordon Hayward, on the other hand, is fully justifying his big contract.  Look at these numbers.

They have been absolutely spectacular.  He's turned into a regular old Jeff Hornacek from the line this year and has fulfilled the Kobe prophecy that he would indeed be "Hornacek 2.0".

Poor Rudy ... poor ... poor ... Rudy ...

Luckily Rudy won't stop trying for those.

The Utah Jazz may have beaten the Suns, but what will be remembered in the records of time will be the Jazz Bear's triumph over evil.  Follow the link.

Jazz beat Suns in Donkey Kong " | All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER -- The Utah Jazz got their lone win of the early season on Saturday night against the Phoenix Suns. But they also scored a big win over the Suns in an animated mascot version of Donkey Kong...

It's pink backpack time.

Thanks @gdhayward for the pink Frozen bag... Off to LA! #jazznation #rookieduties

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