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Utah Jazz welcome this year's super/bandwagon team to Swat Lake City

Cleveland Cavaliers (1-2) @ Utah Jazz (1-3)
EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT
7:00 PM MT, Radio (1280 AM / 97.5 FM), TV (ROOT Sports)

Jazz are going to show the Cavs who's boss
Jazz are going to show the Cavs who's boss
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron is back to Utah

I hear he still suffers from night terrors from his past experiences in the legendary arena of energy solutions. They say that his hairline recedes by a fraction of a millimeter every time he self-reflects in horror some of the absolute gruesome losses that he's experienced at the hands of a team that he's never deemed himself worthy of  playing for. Because honestly what other reason would there be for him to not want to play for the good old Jazz of Utah?

In all seriousness, this game should be a good measuring stick game to see how our team system works at home early in the season against the team that are favorites to win the East this year. If our team can beat the Cavs tonight, the Jazz are ahead of the curve.

Opposing team notes:

The Cavaliers are coming off of a late game last night. The Trailblazers beat them rather effortlessly by 19 points. The Cavaliers looked tired and were having an off shooting night to put it nicely, with only Love putting up a respectable stat line. I suspect the team got quite the talking to NBA rookie head coach Blatt.

Expect the Cavs to bring their A-game tonight as they look to secure their second victory of the season over relatively "easy" prey in the Jazz in their eyes.

The new Big 3 of James-Love-Irving are averaging 58 points, 22 rebounds, and 12 assists so far this season.

Their only win this season was against the Bulls in overtime.

This Cavs team appears to be working on incorporating their new system and chemistry just as the HEAT did when LeBron first joined them 4 years ago. This Cavs team will in all likelihood play like a contender in the playoffs this season, but may not look like one until Christmastime or so this season.

Key Matchups:

Both of these teams only have 1 victory. Jazz beat the Suns, but lost to the Rockets, Mavs, and Clippers. Cavs beat the Bulls but lost to the Knicks and Trailblazers. Which team will get their 2nd win of the season tonight?

Here are some of the key matchups tonight:

Rookie NBA Coaches: David Blatt vs. Quin Snyder- Both of these coaches are still in the growing pains stage of their tenures. Both coaches are trying to incorporate full-fledged novel team systems that will in all likelihood takes most of the season if not more than this season for the product on court to match the desired visions of these sideline generals.

Point Guards: Kyrie Irving vs. Trey Burke- This is going to be the first of many matchups tonight hat appear to heavily favor the Cavs on paper. The only things that Burke has going for him here are his clutch shooting and how he well he takes care of the ball.

Shooting Guards: Dion Waiters vs. Alec Burks- Waiters beats Burks here as far as the cocky department goes (see "I think me and Ky are the best backcourt, young backcourt. That's all.") However, I think most Jazz fans would take Burks any day of the week as far as this matchup goes. Look for our newly extended Burks to continue to thrive and get easy buckets against this Cavs team with suspect guard defense. They let Matthews/Lillard put up 48 points on them last night.

Small Forwards: LeBron James vs. Gordon Hayward- This is the best player in the league going up against a borderline top 50 player. James will probably outplay Hayward this game, but hopefully Hayward brings his A-game tonight.

Power Forwards: Kevin Love vs. Derrick Favors- Offense vs. Defense. That's basically what this matchup can be viewed as. Also, Favors probably is at the point now with new offensive moves such that his offense is better than Love's defense. Love has been the Cav's best player thus far in this small sample sized season, so we'll see how much his game is impacted by an intimidating D-Favs looking to shut him down.

Centers: Anderson Varejao vs. Enes Kanter- I see this as a fairly even matchup. I would guess either one of these players will put up around 10 points and 7 rebounds today. Varejao has the defensive edge here while Kanter should have him beat on offensive prowess.

Closing notes:

Look for another one of the most memorable games of the Jazz season to happen tonight after the thriller in Los Angeles that happened 2 days ago. I'm hoping this game goes down to the wire so that another Jazz player can solidify his confidence. I vote for a Burks dunk over a double team of LeBron and Love to win the game, but that's just me.

The Cavs are favored tonight on the Jazz home floor, I'm sure the Jazz will have something to say about that. This is one of the most hyped teams in the league this year, the Jazz will want to prove to the national spotlight that they are not just another pushover team as they were early on last season.

Here's to hoping the Jazz stay true to their "play with a pass" system and trip up the Cavs.