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Cleveland Cavaliers at Utah Jazz: Jazz Jam Session breaks down how we can win


Only two questions today for the Cleveland Cavaliers @ Utah Jazz Jam session. But answers from a whole bunch of your favorites! So let's get to it!


1. How can the Jazz win tonight?

Diana -- The Jazz can win by playing with energy. They need to run, run, run all over the tired Cavaliers. They need to not get flustered by the super star treatment Lebron James and Kevin Love will receive. Hopefully they can use the home crowd energy to boost their play. I am worried that the Cavaliers will be out for blood with how poorly they played last night. I hope the Jazz can weather the early storm that the Cavaliers will bring. I want to see Trey Burke execute the offense and not take more shots than Derrick Favors and Gordon Hayward unless they are extremely open and good shots. I want to see Enes Kanter prove his doubters wrong. I want to see Favors be able to stay on the court and play aggressive like he did against Phoenix. I want to see Hayward be the jack of all trades. Hayward seems to bring it against superstars, it would be great if he could bring it against Lebron. Alec Burks needs to do Alec Burks thangs. And lastly I want to see Rudy Gobert block Lebron.

JuMu -- The Jazz will have to bring more of what they brought against the Clippers for most of the game: intensity. They will also need to work on making their 3 point and overall defense more respectable (currently bottom 10 in the league). Surprisingly, the Jazz are currently allowing the least amount of free throws per game, so hopefully they keep that up against some of the NBA's superstar darlings tonight.

My 3 keys to the game: keep them below 37% from three point land, keep the turnovers to less than 5 more than the other team's, keep shooting above 80% from the free throw line.

Yucca -- Jazz win if: Gordon Hayward has one of those kind of games (you know, when he suddenly outplays an MVP candidate). Or if several guys have strong games all at once (I'm looking at Hayward, Derrick Favors, and Alec Burks here). Or if Trey Burke's shot falls. Or if the team finally defends the three-point shot. I think the key spot will be defending Kevin Love ... he's not a good match-up for either Favors or Enes Kanter. If they can defend him decently, the team has a reasonable shot.

Taz Jazz fan: -- Jazz win if: the Cavs are still trying to find their missing groove. Sadly, I don't think this is that game. Forget LeBron, the Jazz need to concentrate on holding Irving off pick and rolls, denying Love the block and defending the 3. It's a big test for a young team, and I can't seem them managing all 3 things for the full 48. The Cavs aren't a great team defensive team yet, so we can hang around if we keep on playing like we did against the Clippers. I like the Jazz bench production vs. their bench production, so if Trey and Enis can add some scoring to the production we are seeing from Gordo and D-Fav we have a chance for another upset, albeit a slim one.

Unusual Matchup to watch: Dante Exum vs Matthew Dellavedova: battle of the Boomers guards. Delly's experience and speed versus Dante's length and athleticism. A bragging rights matchup always has some spice to it.


2. Final Score Prediction:

Diana -- Jazz 102 Cavs 94

JuMu -- Jazz 99 Cavs 98

Yucca -- Jazz 107, Cavs 100

Taz Jazz Fan -- Jazz 101, Cavs 110


Thank you guys and gal, and also remember to: