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Jazz squeak by Cavs in the most exciting game that (probably) ever was !

There room for only 1 king in Utah
There room for only 1 king in Utah
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 23 25 27 25 100
Utah Jazz 32 27 17 26 102

Double-you-oh-double-you........WOW! What a game!

Jazz fans were expecting an elevated intensity in the atmosphere of this game but did not anticipate anything like this!

Kanter being an offensive beast draining another 3.

Rodney Hood, Prince of 3's, making a triumphant resurgence.

Gobert putting the SWAT! in SWAT LAKE CITY!!!!!

And last but not least, we were all witnesses to the prodigious uprising of Prince Gordon Hayward over the dethroned (formerly King) James.

Jazz started out the game strong while taking advantage of the Cavs' shoddy defense to take a 32-20 lead.

The 2nd quarter had quite a bit of back and forth with amazing Jazz highlight dunks, blocks and 3 pointers, while the Cavs made erm.... free throws. Jazz went into halftime with an 11 point lead.

In the 3rd quarter, the Cavs plus some other shady characters with whistles around their necks powered through the Jazz while on offense, we looked notably flat outside of a couple highlight dunks. Cavs made a 14-2 run to make it a 1 point game towards the end of the 3rd quarter.

1st 7 minutes of the 4th was much more tug of war going on, with the Cavs getting their first lead of the game with 5 minutes to go at 87-85. Cavs and Jazz were going at it until all hell broke loose.....


YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!! Pardon the lack of organization of this recap going forward but I'm just scrambled with happiness right now.

Another fan's angle!!!

This just happened! #CLEatUTA

A video posted by Rob Ferre (@robferre) on

Gordon Hayward makes the buzzer beating shot for the win! This comes right after extremely questionable calls made by the refs all night, including the play before where the refs gifted 3 free gimme free throws for James who did the classic Kobe jump into and undercut a player who is jumping up to draw the cheap foul.

There were so many highlights this game that would have made top 10 of all of the Jazz highlights of last season, hopefully another SLCDunker is already working on compiling these in another post.

This game had higher entertainment value than any movie in theaters this year. Get your hands on a copy now!

The Cavaliers went out and lived off the free throw line, scoring 34% of their points from the stripe while the Jazz earned them on the floor, only scoring 17% of their points from the line.

Oh my goodness!!!

Cheers Jazz fans, the future is now! 


Jazzmen of the game:

Hayward: 21 points off of 12 shots, 7 assists, 4 rebounds, GAMEWINNER!!!!!!!!

Favors: 21 points off of 13 shots, 10 rebounds, 2 monster blocks

Kanter: 18 points off of 13 shots, 5 rebounds

Great game Jazz fans! This was the most exciting Jazz games in years! I love this team!

Long Live Coach Quin!