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The Mini Grandma Edition - The Downbeat - #1459

starting lineup, Dante Exum and Joe Ingles bromance, mini Grandma and some good ol' S&M

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Please describe your personal reaction to Gordon Hayward's shot (if you were in possession of your faculties and can remember).

We're totally known for being a calm, rational fan base that never gets overly emotional or anything like that.

Five games in, what changes would you make to the starting lineup (if any) if you were Quin Snyder?

Some of you might have seen this months ago when Joe Ingles posted it on his Instagram (a Jinglegram, (c) TazzJazzFan), but it has new meaning to Jazz fans now. As explained by Tazz (@Texas), the pic is of a young Dante Exum wearing Ingles' No. 7 South Dragons jersey. (The Dragons are now defunct.)

You bought mine when u were a kid, maybe I'll have to buy one of yours now! #utah @daanteee

A photo posted by @joeingles7 on

Always pretty cool to see stuff like this, much like when Anderson Varejao posted this pic of himself and (his now Brazilian national team teammate) Raul Neto:

And from the cute kids files, I have to give a shoutout to @chang_max, who dressed his daughter up as a Pink Grandma (though he had to bribe her with a new Frozen castle):

(Pink Grandma .gif property of Basketball John; posted with permission I'm sure)

Some good old-fashioned Stockton and Malone goodness.

"6 Ways to be a Servant" -- an article on servant leader John Stockton and how he is a positive influence to everyone around him in his retirement years

"Mrs. Malone" -- an article on Kay Malone, the things that are keeping her busy, how she and Karl raised their family and her Filipina roots