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Utah Jazz rookie Rodney Hood has coincidental history of acute right foot injury, but don't anyone panic

It's not serious, but it's something to go crazy over, because Utah Jazz fans -- myself included -- do that about everything.

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The Utah Jazz swooped in and took Rodney Hood at #23 in the 2014 NBA Draft, and it was the right move to make. Shortly after NBA GM's had called him the steal of the draft. Jazz fans felt this way as well after scouting him for months, and then seeing him explode a few times in the Las Vegas Summer League. The smooth shooting forward could be a wizard with the ball in his hand, was more than capable of driving to the basket, and had a better than advertized court vision.

Coming off the bench for the Utah Jazz, Hood was a beneficiary of their new offense and looked to be a hand-in-glove fit for Quin Snyder. Though, so far in six games he has missed a number of open jumpers -- but that is a common aliment for this club, it seems. Rodney had to leave in the middle of the last game, against the Dallas Mavericks, due to injury. And that is where we are today.

The Utah Jazz media guide has this up today:

Rodney Hood - November - Plantar Fasciitis

And they tweeted this out as well:

So when something like this happens it's time to turn back the clock and try to investigate this a little further. There's no need to go into Plantar Fasciitis, as we're all experts by now because Derrick Favors has a case of it flare up now and then. So what's the deal with Hood?

Well, last summer he hurt his right Achilles tendon, and had to leave Team USA camp. Nicole Auerbach of USA Today wrote:

Duke's Rodney Hood has injured his right Achilles tendon and has withdrawn from Team USA camp, USA Basketball announced Friday morning.

Hood was one of the 16 finalists for a spot on the USA team that will compete at the World University Games, which will take place in Russia in July. Now, 15 players will compete for the 12 roster spots, which will be determined by July 1.

"I feel so sorry for Rodney," USA head coach and Davidson coach Bob McKillop said in a statement. "He committed himself fully to be a part of this team, and we will miss him. He would have been a valuable team member for USA Basketball."

Matt Plizga, a Duke basketball spokesman, said Hood is returned to Duke Friday and was evaluated by the Blue Devils' medical/training staff. Early indications are that the injury is not severe, Plizga said.

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski also said Hood's injury is minor.

- Nicole Auerbach, USA Today, June 2013

No biggie. As he did rest, and it did deal.Terrence Payne of NBA Sports broke it down:

On Tuesday, the team announced that Hood is back from an injury he suffered back in late June.

While trying out for the World University Games with USA Basketball, Hood was sidelined with what Cameron Crazies feared could be a torn right Achilles tendon, though, it was diagnosed as a sprain. Six weeks later and ESPN senior writer Andy Katz reported - as part of ESPN's 3-point shot - that Hood was fully back.

He is completely recovered," said Duke associate coach Steve Wojciechowski. "He has participated in summer workouts.

- Terrence Payne, NBC Sports, August 2013

Rodney Hood then played 35 games for the Duke Blue Devils in 2013-14, and logged 1150 total minutes (32.9 mpg). So were there any long-standing effects? I think he completely healed from his acute injury then. And right now he has another one, the only issue is that it's of the same foot. And, well, the Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia do deal with the whole dorsiflexion / plnatar flexion mechanism. The worst case scenario is that plantar fasciitis can lead to Achilles tendon tightness. So, if you want to worry you worry about that injury loop.

I'm not going to worry. Rodney will be fine, and he's the third wing on our team, not the first two -- Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks still have a lot of developing to do as well. The Jazz play five games in seven nights. Holding Rodney out of one or two of them isn't going to be the end of the world. Nor will this minor rookie season setback be the end of his career.

Go Jazz.

Also, this means don't add Rodney Hood to your fantasy bball team.

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And yes, that is the whole reason for this post. SB Nation's gotta keep the lights on somehow.