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Brooklyn Nets trade Andrei Kirilenko to Philadelphia 76ers, according to Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't been following the Brooklyn Nets this season I don't blame you, but it has been a circus -- just not as many rings as the New York Knicks have. Well, Andrei Kirilenko, former All-Star, All-NBA Defensive player, MVP of Europe, and Olympic Bronze medal winner hasn't been playing a lot. He didn't play much last season under Jason Kidd. And he's playing zero right now for Lionel Hollins. Well, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, he's not going to be playing anymore for the Nets at all.

He is going to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The last few days:

And Today:

Is that better than Jeremy Evans and Toure' Murry? I don't know. Yup, but that's not the end of the road for Andrei Kirilenko. I remember reading earlier that Philly would take on AK, and the remainder of his current salary (which with 62 Nets games left, would only be $2,514,958 buckazoids) onto their TOTAL 2014-2015 SALARY of $38,885,261 (point of reference, the Jazz this season are at $59,378,732). They have the space and can eat it all up with no problem.

The issue, the critical issue here my friends, is that it's likely that Andrei gets waived by Philly -- putting him on the open market. There are a number of teams that need wing depth, particularly on defense, that are playoff contenders. The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Clippers are two of the big names associated with AK right now. So if you are holding a candle for AK to return to Utah, it's possible -- probably moreso with the Philly trade and likely waive.

Oh, but the Jazz just signed Patrick Christopher -- and our roster is now at 15 players anyway . . . but that is a tale for the next post I do. Also, there's no space for him unless some moves are made, even if there was a roster spot open. Furthermore, I'd rather play the guys we have now, for better or for worse. Andrei would be a sentimental vet, but still a vet who we may only be renting -- as he is not part of our long term plans. A likeable Josh Howard.

AK is one of the craziest stories in basketball. Skinny SF who leads the league in blocks, has interesting relationship with wife, cries about playing time, does lots of humanitarian work, is a hero in his homeland, takes suspicious contract with Nets, and now is leaving them. I wish him only the best, and he will remain one of my favorite players. I hope he actually gets to play somewhere. And good luck on his fourth child, Masha is pregnant with their third right now, and they have one adopted daughter.


Via Woj:

So really, is that better than Jeremy Evans + Toure' Murry?