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The Utah Jazz Players are Involved with NBA Cares Edition: The Downbeat #1495

Jerry Sloan, Primary Children's Dante Exum and All Star Voting.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday marked the 26th anniversary of when Jerry Sloan was named head coach of the Utah Jazz. Jerry went on to coach the Jazz for 23 seasons. Jerry would finish with 1223 wins. That is pretty amazing. Jerry only missed the playoffs three years with the Jazz. Recap of Jerry's time with the Jazz can be read here.

The Jazz played a little tribute to Jerry during Tuesday's game.

We were lucky to have Jerry for so many years. We were lucky that he consistently won. The foursome of Jerry, Larry, John and Karl will never be matched.

I am excited for Quin Snyder and what he brings to the Jazz. I think he also will leave a positive mark on the team when all is said and done.

Its that time of year again where you can vote for your NBA All Stars. Voting is easier than ever. I remember back in the day voting in the arena on a paper ballot. Now you can tweet your vote, RT other people's tweets. You can text your votes. You can also vote at at nba.come right here.

You can vote for every single Jazz player if you want!



Go vote!

Gordon Hayward is going to be on NBA Inside Stuff this Saturday. Here's a sneak peak.

The Jazz went to Primary Children's yesterday. It is a December tradition that has been going on as far as I can remember.

Some tweets about the visit:

BTW I just love Derrick Favors. I love how he has embraced the community. I love his growth as a player. I don't know why he doesn't get the pub some of our other Jazz players do but he is pretty amazing).

More pics can be found at the Deseret News and Primary's Children's FB account here.

Including this one of Alec (from Primary Children's FB account)I love his face. He geniunely looks excited to visit the young woman.

alec pc

The Herald Sun, which is a newspaper in Melbourne; published a comprehensive article about Dante Exum. It covers what national media, local media and a blogger (from BR) thinks about Dante so far in this young NBA season.

What ESPN experts think of Exum:


I am still excited about Exum. I think he will be much better than CJ Miles. i don't even know how that comparison even comes to mind. There is so much more to the article, so much. Go check it out.