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FanDuel Tournament for Friday's NBA Games -- what every Utah Jazz fan needs to know

I know you're playing this tonight, and here's some info you're not going to get anywhere else

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"C'mere kid . . . the first tip is don't get caught."
"C'mere kid . . . the first tip is don't get caught."
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Are you playing FanDuel? You should. If you are like me and playing something even vaguely related to the NBA means being kind of a homer and having to involve the Utah Jazz somehow. Right now (well, not "right now", but you know what I mean) I'm playing NBA 2K15, and I play MyPlayer mode. The whole point for me is to collect Jazz players and beat other people with my higher skill and fanatical devotion to Utah.

Well, in FanDuel you can kind of do the same, by knowing more about your team and the games your team plays than anyone else. You know that the Jazz have no injuries right now, but that's not the case for the Miami Heat. Chris Anderson (PF/C) is out with a sprained right ankle. Josh McRoberts is questionable with a right knee contusion, but is most likely not playing. Luol Deng is probable with a right hand contusion. Norris Cole is probable with a dislocated left middle finger.

Oh, and Dwyane Wade has missed shoot around with an illness, and may be out as well.

If you know your Jazz history you know that the team gets up for games against better team, and has a history of beating the Heat (for some crazy reason) over the last decade. This could be another game where our guys a) play well, and b) get the win.

Do what you will with this information. But if you are brave enough you should click this LINK TO JOIN THE CONTEST and get into the today's tourney! Furthermore, if you haven't enrolled already, CLICK HERE TO ENROLL at FanDuel -- they will 100% match (up to $200) whatever first time amount you deposit. Take Jason Walker's words for it, he's hustling people right now. Don't you want to be as cool looking as him?

Sure you do.

Sign up. Log in. Make your picks. Get money.

It's that easy . . . if you know who to pick.