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NBA Trade Rumors 2014: Utah Jazz trade history

How likely is it that the Jazz are going to make a mid-season trade? What does history tell us?

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz as a drafting powerhouse. They have amazing scouts, and make great picks. If there is a player they want at a spot, they make trades to get him there. And moreso, if they see a draft is stocked, they'll get the assets needed in order to get the guy they need. This means they trade for draft picks, and trade draft picks. One thing they haven't really done is 'win' a trade on paper by getting the best player in the trade. This is the old convention and old way of thinking, but it's how most fans see winners and losers.

Let's look at the last 30 trades this franchise has made. How many of them come during the season? How many of them happen with the draft strategy in mind?

M D Y Team(s) Leaving Jazz Coming to Jazz
1 AUG 16 2000 4 TM Howard Eisley, Adam Keefe, 2001 1st (Joseph Forte) Donyell Marshall, Bruno Sundov
2 JUN 26 2002 ORL Ryan Humphrey, Jamal Sampson Curtis Borchardt
3 AUG 5 2003 SAC 2004 2nd (Ricky Minard) Keon Clark, 2004 2nd (Luis Flores), 2007 2nd (Stanko Barac)
4 SEP 30 2003 HOU John Amaechi, 2004 2nd (Luis Flores), Trade exception Glen Rice, 2004 2nd (Pavel Podkolzin), 2005 2nds (Robert Whaley, Dee Brown)
5 FEB 19 2004 ORL DeShawn Stevenson Gordan Giricek
6 FEB 19 2004 PHX Keon Clark, Ben Handlogten Tom Gugliotta, 2004 1st (Kirk Snyder), 2010 1st (Gordon Hayward), 2005 2nd (Alex Acker)
7 JUN 24 2004 DAL Pavel Podkolzin 2005 2nd (Linas Kleiza)
8 JAN 21 2005 DET Carlos Arroyo Elden Campbell, 2006 1st (Joel Freeland)
9 JUN 7 2005 PHI 2005 2nd (Alex Acker) 2008 2nd (Ante Tomic)
10 JUN 28 2005 POR 2005 1sts (Linas Kleiza, Martell Webster), 2006 1st (Joel Freeland) 2005 1st (Deron Williams)
11 AUG 2 2005 5 TM Raul Lopez, Kirk Snyder, Curtis Borchardt Greg Ostertag
12 JUN 8 2006 TOR Kris Humphries, Robert Whaley Rafael Araujo
13 JUL 12 2006 GSW Devin Brown, Keith McLeod, Andre Owens Derek Fisher
14 JUN 28 2007 PHI Herbert Hill Kyrylo Fesenko
15 DEC 29 2007 PHI Gordan Giricek, 2010 1st (Trevor Booker) Kyle Korver
16 JUL 23 2008 LAC Jason Hart Brevin Knight
17 DEC 22 2009 OKC Matt Harpring, Eric Maynor Peter Fehse
18 FEB 18 2010 MEM Ronnie Brewer 2011 1st (Donatas Motiejunas)
19 JUL 13 2010 MIN Kosta Koufos, 2011 1st (Donatas Motiejunas), 2012 1st (Terrence Jones) Al Jefferson
20 FEB 23 2011 NJN Deron Williams Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, 2011 1st (Enes Kanter), 2013 1st (Gorgui Dieng), Cash
21 DEC 22 2011 NJN Mehmet Okur Trade Exception, 2015 2nd (TBD)
22 JUN 29 2012 4 TM Tadija Dragicevic Mo Williams, Shan Foster
23 JUL 11 2012 ATL Devin Harris Marvin Williams
24 JUN 27 2013 MIN Gorgui Dieng, Shabazz Muhammad Trey Burke
25 JUN 27 2013 DEN Erick Green, Cash Rudy Gobert
26 JUN 27 2013 ATL 2015 2nd (TBD) Raul Neto
27 JUN 10 2013 3 TM Randy Foye, Kevin Murphy Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush, Andris Biedrins, 2014 1st (Rodney Hood), 2017 1st (TBD), 2016 2nd (TBD), 2017 2nd (TBD), 2018 2nd (TBD), Cash
28 JUN 26 2014 MEM Jarnell Stokes 2016 2nd (TBD)
29 JUL 10 2014 TOR Diante Garrett Steven Novak, 2017 2nd (TBD)
30 JUL 22 2014 CLE John Lucas III, Malcolm Thomas Carrick Felix, 2015 2nd (TBD), Cash

So the Jazz have made 8 trades during the season in recent history (recent = from 2000 onwards). MOST of them have been salary dumps for the Jazz (2009 -- Harp, 2010 -- Brewer, 2011 -- Memo), or for the other team(s) (2003 -- Rice, 2004 -- Googs). Rarely is it an in-season trade to get better. And if you look at the last 30 trades few of them (in-season or in the off-season) are.

Most of the trades are either salary dumps or future picks. I don't think the Jazz need any more future picks, but right now the team lacks a true greybeard that the team will listen to who will also take a smaller on-court role. (I see you Chauncey Billups!) You can argue that the Jazz have been winning their trades of late, especially on Draft nights.

The in-season trades, though, don't really make me jump for joy. And for this season, a non-"must win" season, I am fine with no in-season trades. The coaching staff still needs to evaluate who these kids are before deciding on them. Only Trey Burke, Gordon Hayward, and Derrick Favors have been full-season starters before. And only those three plus Alec Burks and Enes Kanter have been big-time rotation players before.

If we're a draft centric team the next step isn't trade guys, it's develop guys. And I feel so deeply that the Jazz are finally doing it right.

Also, the whole post could be summed up as an excuse to post this video.