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Who is hot right now for the Utah Jazz, who to pick for fantasy basketball

Who is hot over the last five games?

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Okay Utah Jazz fans. here are the results of what our players have done over the last five games. Two wins, and three losses.

Mid Dec Last 5 Games

Yeah, as you can see Gordon Hayward has taken control; specially when Derrick Favors was out of the lineup. He is averaging 20 ppg, getting to the line 7 times a game, and making all of them, training threes, and pulling down five boards a game and dishing out four assists.

He's killing it. He's, dare I say it, playing better than vintage Andrei Kirilenko right now, just not on defense.

Derrick Favors is another guy who is doing well, duh. His numbers back from injury aren't what they could be, but he's still a banger who blocks and rebounds. But you know who else is going that? Rudy Gobert. Wow. All of the blocks! Oh, but there's another bigman doing work -- Enes Kanter. The Jazz have a plethora of solid bigs, unfortunately they are not all getting the minutes we'd want.

But keep in mind which of our Jazz players are doing things. Why? Because you can play in the FanDuel contest and succeed!

1. Load up FanDuel, register and check out the NBA games they have running. There's a special one for us Jazz fans for pay is a $5 entry, 100 first place tourney.

2. Once you enter, you set a lineup based on a salary cap of $60K and enter 2 PG, 2 SG, 2 SF, 2 PF and a Center.

Yes, make sure Gordon Hayward is one of your SFs.