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Utah Jazz Power Rankings Round-Up: Week 8

Power Rankings from SB Nation, ESPN, CBS, Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated, and !

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Okay, another week is in the books for the Utah Jazz, and they went 2-2, with wins against the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic; and losses to the Washington Wizards, Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans. A 2-3 week is much better than going 1-3, and far far away from going for zero wins. So our team is doing better. I'm happy with how things are progressing; even if they aren't exactly on the schedule I would have wanted. But enough about me, what did the rest of the world think about the last week of Jazz basketball?

Site: ESPN Record: 8-20 Gordon Hayward's lone visit of the season to Charlotte reminded us yet again how well he's lived up to the Hornets' max four-year offer sheet that Utah opted to match. On a really young team, in a truly brutal conference, Hayward shoulders lots of responsibility and sports a PER of 19.9.
Author: Marc Stein This Week: #21
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #23
Site: SB Nation Record: 8-20 Utah is in the middle of a long road trip and finally caught some harsh backlash from it. After picking up two wins, the Jazz went into Charlotte on the second half of a back-to-back. The result? An 18-point loss to one of the worst teams in the league right now. Yuck.
Author: Drew Garrison This Week: #25
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #25
Site: Yahoo! Sports Record: 8-20 The Jazz have a chance to win three of four games for the first time this season at Memphis tonight with Zach Randolph (knee) likely sidelined.
Author: Marc J. Spears This Week: #26
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #25
Site: CBS Sports Record: 8-20 Utah was razzed by people (including me) for matching Gordon Hayward's max deal. Whoops. He's been fantastic. They have to keep learning lessons and not take major steps back.
Author: Matt Moore This Week: #24
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #21
Site: Sports Illustrated Record: 8-20 After last year’s struggles, Gordon Hayward is flourishing offensively. The fifth-year small forward is averaging career highs in points (18.9), true shooting percentage (58.2) and free throw attempts (5.9), among a host of other categories.
Author: Matt Dollinger This Week: #26
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #26
Site: Record: 8-20 Pace: 92.5 (28), OffRtg: 104.1 (14), DefRtg: 109.7 (28), NetRtg: -5.6 (24)
The Jazz put together their first winning streak since February with a pair of wins in Florida, but couldn't extend it to three games in Charlotte because their defense stinks. It's particularly bad when Enes Kanter is defending a pick-and-roll. He doesn't hedge hard all the time, but when he does, it's an invitation for a straight-line drive into the paint.
Author: John Schuhmann This Week: #23
Date: 12/22/2014 Last Week: #26

Exciting! So while we wait for Ball Don't Lie's power rankings to go up We see that the National Media's opinions of the Jazz changed by +3, +2, +0, +0, -1, and -3. Overall that's a net positive. We'll see what Spears has to say. And I will update this accordingly. Updated accordingly.