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Utah Jazz Potpourri - The Downbeat #1509

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Thanks to @billylea for the great photo
Thanks to @billylea for the great photo
Bill Lea

Let's hope the Jazz were just saving some of their juice from the Sixers game [abomination] on Saturday night for tonight's tough matchup against the Clippers.

The Jazz roll into L.A. on a two game winning streak and a 5-5 record, in their last 10. Four of the Jazz's last five wins came on the road, and they sit with equal wins at home and away. I don't want to turn this into a mini-preview, but have the Jazz "turned a corner?" Do you feel like this team is "figuring out how to win?" Do you love sports clichés?

Alec Burks will miss his second game in a row tonight.

We'll have more in the game preview, later this afternoon, but this likely means that Rodney Hood will have the privilege of chasing J.J. Redick around the Staples Center. Here is Hood's (very small sample size) stats as a starter:

2014-12-05 ORL L 26 4 6 .667 1 3 .333 3 3 1.000 4 5 .800 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 5 15
2014-12-03 TOR L 27 3 8 .375 1 1 1.000 2 7 .286 2 2 1.000 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 2 10
2014-12-27 PHI W 29 1 8 .125 0 3 .000 1 5 .200 1 2 .500 0 5 5 2 0 0 0 0 4
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Generated 12/29/2014.

This isn't Jazz related, but I'm putting it here because it's hilarious:

David West: Kevin Garnett blowing in ear was 'aggressive'

Click over to the article. It's short. What is it about messing with players' ears that is so appealing to guys that want to try to intimidate, or at least annoy? I guess it's because getting your ears messed with sucks, and having any body orifice probed is a violation.

When I was an early teen, there was this giant dude who was flicking my ears on the bus. It annoyed me to all ends, but I was like 4'10", with nothing to me. He persisted until I got so furious I snapped my leg up over my head and popped him in the eye with the tip of my Birkenstock. That did not work out well for me. He punched me in the eye with his giant meaty hand.

I guess my point is that one day, these ear assaulters are going to see the chickens come home to roost; and then the chickens will likely get cold-cocked.

Here is a list of observations from my first 3 months as a season ticket holder:

  • The seats at ESA are terribly uncomfortable. I need to get one of these.
  • There is a large backlit Guiness sign at the top of the stairs, nearest our portal. There is no Guinness to be found in the arena
  • The amount of away team fans has eased from previous seasons. There's no longer a noticeably louder contingency for teams like the Spurs, Heat, etc. There haven't been any Laker games, yet.
  • The Jazz's in-arena experience continues to improve. This year the crews running the show have done a great job making each game as unique as possible. They make small tweaks to the intro hype video. They have a good mix of music.
  • I haven't seen one halftime show consisting of 130 little girls performing a dance routine.
  • I'm working on a full 44 United kit.
  • I would like less 44 United gear, and more just Jazz gear, if I'm getting free stuff.
  • I don't usually arrive until just before tip-off. I understand the plight of the late arrivers now. When you go infrequently it's easy to arrange your schedule to be there an hour before the start.

Any Dunkers out there have season tickets? What are your thoughts thus far?

A bit ago I took to Twitter looking for pictures of ESA in the freshly fallen snow. I've always loved the look of the arena in the winter, with a fresh coat.

From Spencer Hall, founder of Salt City Hoops

These are from our friend Billy Lea, who works for the Jazz's social media department. Thanks a ton guys. These are great pictures.

**EDIT** Just received this great shot from @JazzGameNight, the guys behind the tv production.