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Did you have a very Jazzy Christmas?

Did you get Utah Jazz presents? What did you get?

He looks like a rugby scrum half here
He looks like a rugby scrum half here
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I was entirely surprised this Christmas when, in a year where we specifically were only to get gifts for the children in the game, my parents still revealed (not only gifts for all of their kids but...) some crazy Dante Exum t-shirt for me, which they bought in Canada. (!!) For years it has been almost expected to receive some sort of Utah Jazz token at birthdays or Christmas. But c'mon guys, this is someone I've been around and interviewed as a press member (I gotta upload my NBA Draft vids at some stage....). It was hilarious to me that I'm still getting gifts, and Jazz gifts. (It's hard to be impartial when you're writing an article wearing a dude's number on your back)

So in a year where Derrick Favors is the biggest barometer of wins and losses, and Gordon Hayward is our best player -- some little store in Canada is selling Dante Exum swag. Thanks Based Pelinka.

Anyway, did you get Utah Jazz stuff? Post a pic or a link in the comments, and I'll add it to this post!