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Toronto Raptors 123 Utah Jazz 104 Game Recap: Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez, and Louis Williams feast on Jazz

TOR: 31 - 38 - 28 - 26 -- 123
UTA: 24 - 29 - 29 - 22 -104

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz dropped their 7th in a row, and fell to the Toronto Raptors 123-104. It was an exciting up and down game where the Raps just made a ton of shots (shots that usually don't even fall against the Jazz), but our squad kept fighting back to make it a single digit game. Eventually though, there wasn't left in the tank for the Jazz to make a final push.

Some people don't like blow out losses. Some people don't like losing, period. But if you come into the season with the idea that your team may be flirting with 30 wins, you have to recognize, through math, that your team is going to be flirting with 50 losses. If you're upset by getting blasted by the #2 scoring team (by ppg) that's also the #2 offensive team (by OFF RTG) then you are probably going to be upset about a lot of things in general.

I'm cool with this loss, to a 15-4 team that is filled with younger guys who got the playing time early in their careers -- and their franchise is reaping the rewards now.

A loss like this in the previous two seasons was a loss where the majority of the minutes still went to the Raja Bell, Randy Foye, Josh Howard, Richard Jefferson types. On a team bereft of those mercs 100% of the game time went to guys who can benefit from it -- guys who are going to be on the team next year, and the year after, and the year after and so on. It's what we want -- to not have systematical industrial losses every year anymore.

And that means not winning now, with the hope of having organic growth and development instead.

And really, the Raptors are good, and out guys had a good offensive game. It's the defense that needs work, and the defense will be worked on.

As for tonight, the Raps are just really good. Give them credit.

Kyle Lowry had 39 points, Louis Williams had 17, and Greivis Vasquez had 17.

They shot a combined 25/44 (.568 fg%) and drilled eight threes.

Jazz player stats:

  • Trey Burke was poor on defense, but finished with 15 points, 8 assists (1 TO), and 3 rebounds
  • Rodney Hood was poor on defense, but finished with 10 points (2/7 from outside), and 2 rebounds
  • Gordon Hayward was poor on defense, but finished with 16 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists
  • Enes Kanter was okay on defense, but finished with 19 points, 9 rebounds, and 1 assist
  • Derrick Favors was okay on defense, but finished with 19 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists
  • Rudy Gobert was good on defense, but finished with 6 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks
  • Joe Ingles was poor on defense, but finished with 12 points (1/5 from deep), 2 steals, and 1 assist

Trevor Booker only played 15 minutes and was a -18 for the night. Ian Clark got in for 6 mins and didn't impress. Dante Exum is nice, but really far away from being a contributor off the bench, let alone replace someone in the starting lineup right now.

The Jazz will demolish the Orlando Magic on Friday. And really, the Raptors have 3x the number of wins as our team. Don't add extrinsic hate to the Jazz because of this loss, give the Raps some credit. They did this without their best player: DeMar DeRozan.