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Minnesota Timberwolves at Utah Jazz Game Thread: Teams going in opposite directions

Minnesota Timberwolves (5-24) @ Utah Jazz (10-21)EnergySolutions Arena • Salt Lake City, UT7:00 p.m. (MT) • TV: ROOT Sports • Radio: 1280 AM / 97.5 FM

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Two teams enter, one team will leave . . . . and then later on the other team will also leave. But the two teams are the Utah Jazz, playing the 3rd in four nights; and the Minnesota Timberwolves, playing the fourth game of a road trip.




  • Alec Burks (UTA) -- out, will have season ending shoulder surgery tomorrow
  • Ricky Rubio (MIN) -- out, sprained left ankle
  • Kevin Martin (MIN) -- out, fractured right wrist
  • Nikola Pekovic (MIN) -- out, sore right foot, and sprained right ankle
  • Mo Williams (MIN) -- will play, is #MOLO

This is the last game thread of 2014, and for all the posts we've produced, I can freely say this is amongst my worst.

Just a reminder to everyone -- this is supposed to be a Safe for Work / Safe for Kids site. We have noticed more swearing and the people who produce the content here for you have decided that we do not like it. Once again, I will direct you to the community guidelines here, and re-emphasize that we do not want there to be swearing (or other objectionable material) on the site. It's bad enough we have to talk about Blake Griffin tonight, we don't need to pollute the game thread even more with off-color words. Moderation is going to happen, and bans will follow. You don't yell 'fire' in a movie theater, you don't watch porn on public transportation (like an airplane), and please don't swear at SLC Dunk.

Have fun. And be mindful of our request. Thank you.