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FanDuel promo code: Join SB Nation for a Friday night tournament

Wanna win $100? If you win this exclusive contest, you will get $100 !

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Refs, amirite?
Refs, amirite?
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Utah Jazz fans, there's an exclusive FanDuel tournament today. This one features a bonus for SLC Dunk readers: use the promo code SBNJazz to get a 100 percent deposit bonus.

Be quick about getting your entry in tonight as there's only space for 110 entrants in Friday's FanDuel tournament. First prize is $100, but if you land in the top 20 you aren't out of luck, you'll win something cool!. New to FanDuel? Don't worry: this guide has you covered. Or just be lazy and re-watch this video.

Set your lineups now! Sign up for FanDuel using the promo code SBNJAZZ to earn your 100 percent deposit bonus.

DISCLOSURE: Even though this post is a sponsored one with affiliate links, all of the opinions in it are my own. FanDuel has a financial relationship with the NBA, and SB Nation.