NBA Trade Deadline - All Jazzed Out

Every year we look so forward to the NBA Trade Deadline, and every year something is left to be desired. The Jazz as a franchise has been very consistent and don't like to make big changes. We only have to go back one year to see a prime example of this when we left Al and Sap on the roster just to let them walk freely in the off-season. Would a deadline trade have improved our team short-term, long-term, or been detrimental? We will never really know for sure.

This year is an interesting scenario. We are somewhere between mediocre and cellar-dwellers. This is not really the place to be if you ask me. We have talented young players whose deals end soon. We have veteran guys that could certainly help a team make a championship push. And we have large contracts coming off the books that could help teams that have taken bigger bites than they can swallow. This is a situation some GM's would dread for and some would dream of. As couch managers, we will always have our 2 cents to put in (although being as biased as we human beings are, we likely view our 2 cents to be more in the value of 200-2,000,000 depending on who we are).

Being an avid Jazz fan since I can even remember (and I am not just saying that, my first wird was ball), I have come up with a few trade ideas that I view as reasonable and potentially helpful for each team. I would love to hear some feedback from all you other Dunkers whether or not you would pull the trigger if you were the GM and why or why not.

Without further ado (is that how you spell that!?) here we go:

Scenario Number 1

Jazz receive:

Ben Gordon

2014 First Round Draft Pick (from Portland- currently # 26)

Bobcats receive:

Marvin Williams

Brandon Rush

2014 Second Round Draft Pick (currently # 36)

Jazz would do this trade simply to improve draft positions and get an extra pick in the first round. It would be hard to get a first round draft pick with Marvin, but maybe swapping a second for a first is more realistic. Rush is really there to simply match salaries. Jazz wouldn't lose salary cap space for next season at the same time.

Bobcats really need some help on the wing, which Marv would supply. He has been killer from 3 as of late and this is a team that could use a 3 point threat. They wouldn't lose financial flexibility, but would improve their playoff hopes with this trade without giving up much. Early second round draft picks are still valuable.

Scenario Number 2

Jazz receive:

John Salmons

2015 Second Round draft pick

Raptors receive:

Marvin Williams

Again the Jazz are looking for ways to receive assets in return for players that may not be in the long term plans. Our compensation for taking on the extra year of Salmons contract is a second round draft pick. Could we get more from this trade? You tell me.

Raptors are another surprisingly good team that could be looking for an extra guy or two to make a push towards the end of the season. They improve their wing/bench without giving up too much.

Scenario Number 3

Jazz receive:

Tayshawn Prince

2016 second round draft pick (from Toronto)

Grizzlies receive:

Marvin Williams

Ok so a few of these trades will be very similar. If we don't plan on bringing Marv back, we may as well get something in return before it is too late. Once again we get a second rounder in exchange for paying the last year of Prince's contract.

Grizzlies are looking much better as of late and I would love for them to kill it the second half of the season and jump Golden State in the end. Marvin Williams could provide enough help for them to do so and make a little noise in the playoffs.

Ok let's mix it up a little bit. Here are a couple trades that would certainly surprise me, but would be very interesting for both teams. I'd love to hear your input as to the possibility or likelihood of these. Keep in mind they don't necessarily portray my opinion, but could potentially be beneficial.

Scenario Number 4

Jazz receive:

Emeka Okafor

2014 First round draft pick (from Washington)

2015 First round draft pick (from Lakers)

Suns receive:

Gordon Hayward

Richard Jefferson

I don't know how I personally feel about this trade. It depends on what we did with those extra draft picks. If we could use them as pieces to move up in one or both drafts, this could very well be worth it. The return on those picks would be the key. If we were able to flip a couple picks and find someone (potentially better) to replace Hayward, why not?

Suns are going for it now rather than later. I also don't think they would have any problems convincing Hayward to sign a new contract there. (Would Hayward then be a RFA for Suns or just a FA? I'm not sure to be honest) This would be a great fit for the Suns and they could turn into a very good basketball team with the other picks they posses in this year's draft.

And last but not least:

Scenario Number 5

Timberwolves receive:

Gordon Hayward

Enes Kanter

Marvin Williams

2014 First Round Draft Pick (from Golden State)

2014 Second Round Draft Pick

Jazz receive:

Kevin Love

I know, I know, I know I just blew up the C4. But just imagine a front court of Love and Favors!! Hayward would hopefully be replaced in this years draft and our starting five would hopefully be Burke, Burks, draft pick (Jabari please!), Love, Favors. The biggest thing would be if we can get Love to stay in Utah. He has been fair to the Timberwolves and given them enough time to establish a good team around him, but it is not working. Here, we would be a playoff team next year and with the right extra pieces and coach, possibly a top 4 team in the west. Big speculation here I know, but isn't that what being a fan is all about.

Timberwolves should start to see the writing on the wall. I don't think Kevin Love will be a Wolf for much longer. With this trade they wouldn't have to enter full on rebuild mode. They get other young talented players and an extra draft pick to work with to start establishing a new team. Sadly Minnesota is poorly managed and would likely blow it, but this would be good value in return for Love.

How likely are any of these options? Would you do it if you were the GM of Utah? Or the GM of the other team? Respond with variations of these trades, or completely new ones that you see as better. This is my first post so sorry for the lack of memes, gifs, and other entertaining aspects. I hope I have at least given you a few interesting things to consider.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.