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NBA Trade Deadline Predictions: The Utah Jazz will . . .

What will Utah do? What will happen in the NBA for sure? Here are some of our predictions.

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This is really simple. We love trades, we love the idea of 'pulling one over' on some sucker. It's probably the most American thing since apple pie and Small Pox blankets. (Woah, that went dark quickly.) There's already been many more words written about trades this year than there should have been, because despite a collection of teams looking to 'get over the top', and a ton of teams trying to sell, I don't think much happens in the next few days.

Here's a short list of things to read, though, if trades are your thing:

Anyway, let's keep it simple. There are a number of trades that can happen that can help out NBA teams. Many of them make so much sense. Few of them will ever happen. Does that this mean for the Utah Jazz of 2014? Well, I think most of us (it's pretty much unanimous amongst us SLC Dunk writers) believe the Jazz will stand pat. This is their ultimate "wait and see year" where the front office takes a  year to chill.

But saying the Jazz aren't going to make a trade is both easy, likely, and as predictable as the Jazz are themselves.

So if the Jazz *are* making a trade I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's to trade one of our salary dumps from the Golden State / Denver Nuggets trade in the off-season.

Clark has this to predict:

BUT, if the Jazz do make a trade this week, it will be Brandon Rush to the OKC Thunder for Andre Roberson, Hasheem Thabeet and Memphis' 2017 second round pick and Philadelphia's protected 2014 second round pick (worthless, btw).

Yup, I could see that happening if we are making a trade.

Peter added this prediction:

Jazz trade Jeremy Evans to the Los Angeles Clippers for Reggie Bullock.  The Clippers are chasing a ring this year and have been fairly active in trying to find a cost effective piece or two to finalize a competitive roster.  At this point, they are still lacking in frontcourt depth as Antawn Jamison and Byron Mullens have been big time (though cheap) busts.  Evans represents another cheap option for the Clippers to try out and his high flying routine would seemingly play well with the Clippers lob-centric offense.  

For the Jazz, they get a 2013 first round draft pick out of this deal.  Bullock has been unable to crack a deep wing rotation in LA, but was a decent prospect coming out of the draft.  Most impressive was Bullock's 44% 3 point shooting for North Carolina last year.  The Jazz clearly need long-term answers to bolster their outside shooting and at 22, Bullock represents a young and cheap gunner with NBA upside.

Uh-huh. I can see that happening -- but I'd hate to see Evans on the Lob-city payroll.

As for me, I predict the Jazz will trade away either Brandon Rush or Richard Jefferson for crap players and future picks. No clue who. Again, we all think the Jazz aren't going to do anything because that's what they usually do. Last season the Jazz let the trade deadline come and go and let Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Mo Williams, Randy Foye, and others all walk. (Foye was a sign and trade, but still...)

What about the rest of the NBA? Pete had this awesome prediction:

Philadelphia trades Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner to Charlotte for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Ben Gordon's expiring contract and the Detroit Pistons' 2014 1st round draft pick (protected 1-8 in 2014,  1 in 2015, unprotected in 2016).  The Bobcats are loading up for a playoff push and could use an infusion of young talent now and into the future.  This trade adds a pretty good starting stretch PF to team up with Al Jefferson in the front court and space the floor.  Turner can help Kemba Walker with ball handling duties and gives the team a wing player with decent slashing skills.  Additionally, Charlotte saves a prorated $2.5MM on this transaction.

Philadelphia on the other hand gives up two young prospects in the hopes they will gather players that fit their timeframe better.  MKG has mostly been a disappointment in his career but is young enough that he could become a defensive force.  The pick that Philadelphia adds is currently around the 10 range and could allow them to pick up a decent prospect in 2014 or it could roll over and be more valuable in the upcoming drafts.

I'd like to see that happen. I don't know how likely it is. If I was a betting man I'd put money on the Detroit Pistons making a move, probably a preemptive move to sure up more front court playing time for their young guys (aka. the opposite of what we did). That may mean the over priced Josh Smith or under valued Greg Monroe may be on the move. My prediction is that the Pistons move Monroe and junk for a way more capable wing player. It won't work because of how much he's making, but I'd love to see the New York Knicks cut ties with Carmelo Anthony. This would be fun to see happen.

Clearly I'm not the best guy to handle trade talk. But if Clark and Peter are available, I ask you to direct questions to them here.