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Game Recap: Nets 105 Jazz 99

A Poor second half dooms Jazz

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Behind Enemy Lines :NetsDaily


Harpring doesn't like the Deron Williams booing: I agree completely.  We shouldn't have booed AK either, those two guys were the cornerstone of the franchise for ten years.

Gordon Hayward's haircut---

Trey Burke's early start was much needed.  8 points in the first quarter.

Brooklyn's all black Jerseys. Throw in some black shoes... fantastic.

Alec Burks going left side with the right hand is so smooth. Loved the way he used his body to create space.

Gobert's up and under. 8:40 mark of the second quarter. The most impressive part of this play is that he went from the elbow to the basket in two steps... crazy length.

Hayward guarding Deron for a couple of minutes second quarter.

Evans' Rebounding: He finished with 13 rebounds

Trey Burke's assists he finished with 10



Deron Williams covered up the "no guts no glory" tattoos on his arms.

Interior defense early. We missed Favors tonight.

Boler and Matt talking hair for multiple minutes

Weakside defense was not so good in the first half. Blatche had some easy buckets when Kanter jumped out to hedge on the pick and roll...

The third quarter was horrible. Jazz shot 31%  Nets 59% and we gave up a 12 point lead.

Turnovers...  18 and a lot of unforced ones tonight.