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Remembering Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals in 1992, Portland Trail Blazers 105, Utah Jazz 97

A sad trip down memory lane

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

I had to make this post because I needed to point out that yes, the Utah Jazz lost in 1992 to the Portland Trail Blazers; but check out Danny Ainge clapping -- that's gotta be an honor code violation, right?

Some of you Jazz fans were at this game. I remember watching it on TV. If you want to check out the box score you can do that here; or the series stats here. Interesting to note: it took Stockton and Malone 5 years to get from the 2nd round to the West Finals, and then another 5 years to go from the West Finals to the NBA Finals. I guess we have to blame the players like our current coaching staff does, instead of look at what the front office is doing. That's the honorable way to be a true Jazz fan!