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Utah Jazz legend Mehmet Okur and family are having more fun than you

Stephen Dunn

You may known Mehmet Okur as a great Turkish basketball player who played in some really crazy games (Like that game against Brazil years ago). Or you may know him as a rotation player on the 2004 NBA Champion Detroit Pistons under Larry Brown. Most of us here know him as being our starting center with the deep three point range and clutch ability -- who played Yao Ming one on one in the playoffs and held him to -3.0 ppg from his season average against the Utah Jazz. Still others know him from his time with the Nets and very brief time with the Trail Blazers.

While the Jazz wait the years before being able to raise and retire his jersey he's biding him time by being amazing. He's socially involved in his home land and interacts with Jazz fans almost daily. He's super chill and greatly missed.

He and his family are also having more fun than you.

We miss you Memo!