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Game Recap: Utah Jazz 109 Phoenix Suns 86

Gordon Hayward's Near Triple Double Leads Jazz past Depleted Suns


Popcorn Machine


Gordon Hayward's Triple Double and the "About Damn Time"  after he hit the three early in the third quarter. All around great game from Gordon Hayward. Hopefully, this will help him get out of his funk. I will let Amar break this down more for tomorrow's downbeat .

Diante Garret--- Serving as a great back up point guard added a career high tonight.

Alec Burks Passing... Alec has realized that teams are collapsing on him and is passing accordingly. Early in the first he hit Favors under the hoop when Alec could have shot the eight foot baby hook. He had two  assists tonight and four against the Celtics. Hopefully he can add this to his skill set.

Trey Burke's Jump See Shot chart below.


Derrick Favors' Help Defense was great tonight.

The three wide post up with Favors and Hayward. I don't know the specific name of this play, but,they have been running it pretty well since it was put into the offense. Favors posts up on the right block and seals his man behind him. Jefferson, Williams, and Trey or whomever slide over to the left side of the floor behind the three point line. Hayward and Favors play a two man game. Tonight we saw a new wrinkle when Jefferson's man came to double and Hayward kicked it over to Jefferson instead of going to Favors. Jefferson's man jumped back out and Favors rolled towards the hoop getting a pass for a wide open dunk that he got fouled on.


Back cuts... for the second or third game in a row we have had problems guarding the back cut either on the baseline or coming of the weak side elbow.

Marvin Williams disappearing act.  6 rebounds 1 assist 2 points.