Fast-er and Furious-er

As my wife and I watched the Hawks-Jazz game, we observed something that has been going on all season if not longer. The Jazz have a great defensive stand, steal the ball or get the defensive rebound, the team heads down the court to the offensive side of the the floor, but the Jazz player with the ball is walking down the court talking to Coach Corbin. He obviously calls the play and then they give the ball to Hayward or Burks, because the shot clock is running down, and try to make something happen.

Let me say I am Pro-Corbin, but Ty, let those kids run! Every time the get the ball run, dont walk to the other end of the floor. If there is not a fast break opportunity, back it out and reset.

Let me say a little about clock management, if your down by five with under a minute to play shoot the 3, dont drive and score a duce and hope the opposing team will miss their free throws.

Am I ranting, I think I am any way I do that sometimes.......

Last thing More Kanter-Dunks He had a good one against the Hawks

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