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Game Recap: Utah Jazz Lose a Close Game to the Indiana Pacers, 94-91

The game was so close and the Jazz came oh so close to winning.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Hayward for three..... yes!!!!

Hayward for three... no!!!

I don't think anyone expected this game to go as it did. Just two nights ago the Jazz looked like a D-league team against the Cleveland Cavaliers, tonight they hung tough with the best team in the NBA. The Utah Jazz lead the Pacers for nearly the entire first half, even holding a one point lead at halftime. The Indiana Pacers stepped it up in the 3rd quarter, outscoring the Jazz by six to take a 75-70 lead going into the fourth.

The Pacers extended their lead to as much as eight, but the Jazz did not give up. With 7.3 secs left Hayward hit a nice jumper to pull the Jazz within two, on the next Jazz possession Hayward hit a three to help the Jazz pull within one. Evan Turner of the Pacers hit both three fouls after an Alec Burks foul to extend the Pacers lead to three. Jazz without a timeout left lost precious seconds of the clock, as the Pacers deflected the ball out of bounds. Quickly Hayward attempted a three once more but was unable to connect and the Pacers walked away with the victory.

Three positives

  • Jazz fans got to enjoy the underused BBHFK lineup a few times this game and if not all five, four-of-the five at times. We've been waiting a long time to see the core play together and tonight we got a decent taste of it. Burks Hayward, Burke, Favors and Kanter respectively lead the team in minutes. Marvin only played 15 minutes and Jefferson had 20.
Here is a screencap of the Jazz broadcast of what the starters did (aired with about 30 secs left, so Hayward finished with 21 points not 16)


  • Hayward- I always like when players play well in their homecomings. Hayward finished the game with 21 points,  three assists, three rebounds and two steals. Favors carried the Jazz in the first quarter where he scored 11 of his 17 points. Favors also set the tone defensively early on, not allowing Indiana to get any easy looks. Burke looked good also with his 16 points (including 2-of-3 from three), five assists, and only two turnovers. Burks did his Burky thangs only scoring 11 points but really keeping the Pacers on their toes in the first half. Kanter also held his own against Indiana's bigs. The joy with Kanter is that he was able to play with Favors!
  • The fact that the Jazz were even this close against the Pacers is a huge positive. It must help build the players confidence knowing that they lead for much of the game on the road against the best team in the league.

Three Negatives

  • 18 turnovers-  Derrick Favors lead the way with four, followed by Richard Jefferson with three (that's not very vet-like). Kanter also had three turnovers. We had three players with two turnovers each (Hayward, Burke and Burks). Its hard to win games when you have almost as many turnovers (18) as you did assists (20).
  • Richard Jefferson-  Jefferson played twenty minutes and only scored two points. Its not like he was lighting it up on the defensive end either.
  • Ty calling a two pointer with little time left and the Pacers were up three. No excuse for that.
Gordon Hayward post-game quotage sounding like Ty:

Credit to them, they played a good game

Great game for us tankers. Also great game for the future. Go Jazz!  We'll see you all tomorrow night when the Jazz look to beat the Milwaukee Bucks in Milwaukee!