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Game Preview: The Utah Jazz look to cast Dispel Orlando Magic tonight

Game #70: Orlando Magic (19-50) @ Utah Jazz (22-47)
EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, UT
March 22, 2014 -- 7:00 pm MT
TV: ROOT Sports -- RADIO: 1280 am / 97.5 fm

Summon 2d6 HD of Jazz Bears
Summon 2d6 HD of Jazz Bears
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The Orlando Magic and the Utah Jazz are the #3 and #4 worst teams in the NBA right now, according to W/L record. Only the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers are worse. And as March Madness is an indication, there are prizes to be had in June for being bad now. Orlando has no interest in winning this game. They are on a long road trip and are playing the second night of a back to back. Starting point guard Jameer Nelson is not going to play tonight, opening up the flood gates for Jazz rookie point guard (and erstwhile Rookie of the Year candidate) Trey Burke to do his thing. Earlier this season the Jazz handled the Magic in their gym -- and it was Trey who led the way. He dominated. Orlando doesn't mind that happening again as long as they get the loss.

Utah knows a thing or two about losing as well. The Jazz have lost 9 of their last 10, and are on a pretty long slide. Alec Burks, aka Chill'n McCoolin', aka HOUDINI!!!11!!, aka Alex Burks, Alec Burke, A.B. Williams, and sometimes Professor Algernon Boutros-Boutros Swaggy, is going to be doubtful for tonight.

It's a battle of attrition, and neither team really wants to win. Well, that's not true. I think the Jazz want to win this one, it's a special night where they celebrate the 1983-84 Utah Jazz squad that was the first team ever to a) have a winning record, b) win the division, c) make the playoffs, d) win a playoff series, and e) have four different players lead the league in something. Utah will try to win tonight.

And the Magic will make sure it happens.

Last time these two teams played Arron Afflalo (Single-A-ron) didn't suit up. Victor Oladipo and Nikola Vucevic could only do so much by themselves, and Tobias Harris was a no-show. Tonight we may see more fight -- but we're also going to see a much more tired team.

Jazz should roll. Or roll for initiative. Or cast dispel magic. or whatever. Sorry, I'm a little burnt out.