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Game Recap: Utah Jazz Stink it Up and lose 114-94 to the Detroit Pistons

We needed to lose this game and we did. I am not sad.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Pistons ended a losing streak in Utah that lasted 12 years. The last time the Pistons won in Utah, Stockton was still on the team, Andrei was a rookie and Memo was playing for Detroit. Over the years the Jazz and the Pistons have had some great battles, this was not one of those games.

Tonight the Pistons lead from wire-to-wire and the Jazz never really threatened to take the lead, ever. The Jazz did play even with the Pistons in the 2nd half but that doesn't do any good when you are down 20 at halftime.

Three Positives

1) We lost. Its really good for the tank.  We are now in sole possession of the 4th spot. We want to lose as much as we can so this was a good loss. I think many fans had picked this game to be one of the few remaining wins for the Jazz so its like a double bonus that we lost and in such a convincing manner.

2) Gordon Hayward had a really nice second half. Gordon scored 23 of his 32 points in the 2nd half of the game. For a little while in the 3rd quarter I was getting really worried that we were going to make a comeback. Luckily the Jazz never came closer than 10 during Haywards incredible play.

3) Minute distribution. Hayward (39) and Burke (35) lead the the team in minutes followed by Kanter (33) and Favors (30). We have to be happy that those guys lead the team in minutes even with all of them not on their game tonight.

Three Negatives

1) It was a pretty boring game to watch. The "crowd" at the ESA was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. (at least it seemed that way from the broadcast). Thurl even commented on how it felt like a road game for the Jazz. I always feel bad for the players that they don't know the power that the ESA crowd can give them during a normal season.

2) Favors- Derrick Favors had a pretty horrible game all around. Derrick only made one field goal and he only attempted five. Yikes. Favors did have nine rebounds, including four offensive, accompanied by four assists but still his game was pretty dang bad tonight.

3) Jazz were out-rebounded by 16! 37-21.  Jazz also were outscored by 10 in the paint (54-44). The Jazz typically are a much better team when they are out-scoring their opponents in the paint and rebounding the ball.


This was an ugly game but I feel the need to repeat I am not upset about the loss. I do find it really funny though the the Jazz broadcast does have a lottery watch segment during the games. It seems like Matt and Boler are always dissing teams that lose (like Philly, Bucks etc) and always compliment the Jazz for how they come to play every night and how they look to win every night. (of course they do its a Jazz broadcast) but it seems having a lottery watch goes against all of that.

Also tonight was the first time in a Jazz broadcast that I heard them bring up Ty's future status as the coach of the team. Matt was ripping on the players for not playing hard and Boler said something about how maybe its difficult to play hard with the uncertainty of the coach. Matt argued no you still need to play hard but then they quickly shut up. I am guessing someone (Rinehart) was in their ear telling them to stop it. haha