Could this be the best Jazz roster going forward?

With an infusion of free agents and draftees this offseason, I tend to believe that the following lineup could be the best roster going forward

PG - Trey Burke / Raul Neto / Diante Garrett

SG - Gordon Hayward / Alec Burks

SF - Trevor Ariza (FA) / Kyle Anderson (Draft)

PF - Julius Randle (Draft) / Enes Kanter (stretch 4) / Jeremy Evans

C - Derrick Favors / Rudy Gobert

There isn't a guy on this roster that I wish wasn't on the floor like some Jazz rosters we have had.

Keep an eye on Randle in the Final 4. This kid is already a man who is mature beyond his years and has a similar game to Paul Millsap and Zach Randolph. That is why he is projected to go much earlier than teammate Alex Poythress, Montrezl Harrell, Adrian Payne, and Patric Young (who has yet to appear on draft boards for whatever reason)

Kyle Anderson might be the overall best SF in the draft class (as he is currently receiving comparisons to Magic Johnson) if it weren't for Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker (who I feel have yet to live up to the hype).

Trevor Ariza has proven to be a good scorer and defender in the league. Something Wiggins and Parker have not. He also has the experience needed to help our youth movement going forward.

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