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Utah Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

We're always too negative here at the worst Utah Jazz blog on the internet. I know for a fact that I'm always too hard on Tyrone Corbin, who could have been a player/coach in the NBA (like Lenny Wilkens) but instead decided to finish off his career coming off the bench playing 7.8 mpg for the Toronto Raptors and waiting to coach at this level years later.

Corbin went to school at DePaul and it is known that he would have gotten a job at IBM if he didn't go to the NBA. If he had worked for the tech giant back in 1985 and stayed with the company he would have surely done great things. The internet probably would have been invented at least 4 years earlier had he not gone to the NBA. Today, the former potential IBM exec, knows all about 1s and 0s, and knows when all of it is just your "numbers game." As a coach he keeps his eyes on the prize -- winning. And analytics are an after thought.

When he was on the court he was known for his midrange jump shooting and tough defense -- two hallmarks of the teams he coaches.


Tyrone, it is true, you are the coach of the Jazz, and also played for the Jazz.