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Utah Jazz vs. New York Knicks Recap

Jazz Lose to Knicks 92-83

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The first quarter was quick and Jazz came out strong to take a 27-21 lead. Burke and Favors got into some foul trouble, but Kanter had six points and three rebounds of the bench (Marvin started because of the Melo Matchup) to help take the first quarter lead.

Richard Jefferson and Alec Burks got to the basket early and often in the second quarter pushing the Jazz lead to eight 33-25 at the fist timeout in the second quarter. And then this happened apparently

The Knicks finally woke up and made a run at the end of the second to cut the lead to one 49-48 on a buzzer beater by JR Smith.

Second half started with both teams pushing the ball up and down the court. Jazz tied the game at 67 at the under five timeout.

Knicks took a 10 point lead into the fourth quarter 79-69. Jazz looked tired and out of sync.

Fourth Quarter

3 Positives

We had a solid first quarter. Solid, meaning 27 points  and some good defense holding the Knicks to 21.  Yes it probably has to do with being at home and also  the Knicks on the end of their road trip. Either way, it was good to see the Jazz start the game out well.

Hayward played well on the offensive end of the floor tonight. He didn't have a lot of rebounds ( ) or assists( ) , but his jump shot looked much more even and in rhythm tonight.

Ian Clark got some real minutes... not just garbage time.

Burks... Fantastic minus the five turnovers.

3 Negatives

Favors and Chandler in foul trouble. I really wanted to see how Favors played against the former DPOTY. I understand that players have to understand how the refs are going to call the game, but to take the big men out of the game because of fouls... Personally, I like to see how our guys do against better players, like a measuring stick. We didn't get to see this in the first half.

The seven minute stretch between the second and third quarter where the Jazz let a 10 point lead turn into a 6 point deficit. It was a combination of breakdowns on defense and Melo hitting some three pointers.

Carmelo Anthony. Finished with 32

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