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Utah Jazz players, coaches, and media visit Washington D.C. landmarks, possibly hunt for clues hidden in plain sight


The Utah Jazz travelled last night from Milwaukee (after the drubbing they took from their Bucks) to Washington D.C., and had a full off-day in the Capitol before their game against the Washington Wizards. The team support staff do a good job of maintaining good schedules and for planning team building events during the course of the season. We've seen them at the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial before, and countless other places during their trips around the country. Today they got a chance to visit the White House and several other D.C. locations.

Here is a sampling of some of the pictures, messages, and tweets from today:

David Locke's picture of the Jefferson Memorial:

TV / Radio / PR / others at the White House:

Players / Coaches / Everyone else with Orrin Hatch:

Trey Burke, Ian Clark, and Rudy Gobert somewhere in the Capitol building:

Trey Burke, John Lucas III, Ian Clark, Diante Garrett, Brandon Rush, Malcolm Thomas, and Rudy Gobert in some fancy art room:

And yes, Marvin Williams just found a clue and currently has the Declaration of Independence in his pants.

Brandon Rush, Diante Garrett, and Trey Burke in D.C., but this really could be anywhere.

Gordon Hayward, Jeremy Evans, Andris Biedrins, and . . . some coach I can't place his name right now . . .

Also these pictures are in no order, it's a little disorganized. You should see my sock drawer.