Drafting: A New Point of View

So as Jazz fans, we know what is going on right now. If you aren't keeping up with how many wins, or losses I should say, that our team has accrued or hopefully will accrue then you might not be paying enough attention. Also, if you aren't paying attention to the teams that have lost more than our team, you might not be paying enough attention.

We want our youth to shine, and from many accounts, they should over the next few years. We also want our team to shine, and if Dennis Lindsey does things right, keeping Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, Alec Burks, and Trey Burke will happen. Also if Dennis Lindsey has done things correctly, also along with a little bit of good karma, we will have a good to great to even 2 lottery picks this coming draft.

That is where I want to give this idea out to Jazz Nation and SLCDunk country. After having a discussion on Twitter with Luke McDermott and Alan Zaugg, I eventually tweeted out an idea that goes along with the draft.

People in the basketball world have given out ideas about what might be done with teams that tank, or "super tank" as I had just recently called it, or "pulling a Golden State". You could even say "pulling a San Antonio" in over resting your stars so you can pad your team with a pick you wouldn't normally have.

I came up with the idea that if you have on your team a player who is an all-star either 1 year removed or has been voted in as an all-star that current year, and/or your team makes the playoffs that year, that team cannot pick in the top 10.

Another aspect that Luke through out was that he mentioned how the best of the worst should get the first pick and goes in reverse order. So I thought that this could also apply to those first 10 picks. We thought this would give incentive to win, as well as teams to not sit out your all-star players, super tank, and pull a Golden State. (Kind of what Kobe is doing with the Lakers.) You don't reward teams for attempting to mess with the system of balance, as well as you reward teams that put focus on winning and a good basketball product with the lesser teams, even if they can't win right now.

A couple of other things, with this, the system for the All-star team would have to change. It would probably have to go to an unbiased committee vote for the players, with no fan voting and probably limited coaches choices (even then, the coaches of the league would have to come to a majority agreement for players.)

Also, there is a thought that I haven't fully formed. It has to deal with teams like Miami. They currently have 3 all-stars on their team. The thought has something to do with not picking in the first round if you have that many all-stars on your team. That means you have the pull of free agency power over other teams, an aspect of inequality that messes with the system. This is a side thought so comment on it if you will.

Tell me your thoughts. I would like to hear some comments that go along with this.

All comments are the opinion of the commenter and not necessarily that of SLC Dunk or SB Nation.