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Downbeat #1293 The Hangover Edition

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An outsider perspective. This from Micheal Dunlap on Hoops Habit.

The difference between being down one, two or even three possessions towards the end of games changes the way teams have to play. Not having a bonafide superstar at those times also really hurts. When the Jazz are watching their opponents march to the line for easy points, they’re stuck having to play within their system to match those points.

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.This This II think that the above situation is more than just us fouling to much, it comes from our core lack of team defense. While Favors has been a good anchor on defense, the five guys on the floor have failed to play team defense. Rotations have been slow, helpers are late to help the helper and we are not in position. As of February 15th, the Jazz have only drawn 15 offensive fouls the entire season... 8 of those have come from John Lucas the third, two from Jefferson and Hayward, and one from Burke, Favors and Marvin. Now these numbers are not perfect, since these stats are pulled from Play-by-Play spreadsheets, but they are pretty good indication of a weakness we have. Compare these numbers with Jaron Collins 2005-2006 total of 63 see here. Were some of these flops? Absolutely, but that's not the point. The point is A. he was in position and B. he wasn't afraid to draw the offensive foul. Thanks to Rocinante1 for the comments from last night's recap that sparked this.

Speaking of last night's recap What say ye on the following from Steve Luhm?

A.And there was also this

Both Locke

It doesn’t feel like this team is playing very well from behind. Once they fall behind it doesn’t feel like they now how to grind all the way back into the game

And Jody

The past two games, the Milwaukee game (114-88 loss), our energy just wasn’t there and tonight, you know, it was the same type of thing," Hayward said. "I thought we competed a little bit down the stretch, but it’s hard when you get down in a hole like that to come all the way back, especially on the road."

quoted or made reference to the Jazz not playing well from behind. I don't have a specific answer for this either. I just find it very coincidental that two of the guys that follow the Utah Jazz the closest referenced the same thing. I think it is more than just being a young team and coaching.

That gross feeling... the one when you have drank to much, ate to much, or gone without sleep for more than 24 hours. It's a dizzy haze and you know that life is happening, but you can't fully grasp what is going on. I can't place my finger on one specific moment, but the losses are starting to give me that same gross feeling. Granted, each game I see signs of life and moments of brilliance. I see glimpses of the future and get excited about those moments. I, like many of you, expected the losses, but didn't know how I would react to them. They feel dull, and last two specifically have felt very "going through the motions" like . I don't get angry with losses like I used to, I think that somehow a lot of us are becoming numb to them. I have hope that it will get better, and want it to get better. I can emphatically say that we need a win in the next couple of days. If not, I think a time bomb could and should go off. A fight, a player or coach getting ejected, a flagrant foul, or something. Something, that let's me know as a fan that the players, coaches, and organization is upset about the current situation. Maybe it will help, maybe it won't, but at least I won't feel numb anymore.

The Utah Jazz Crew with Senator Hatch

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