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Utah Jazz to make Tyrone Corbin announcement later this week, will be brought back for two years

Karma is real, and Amar just got burned . . .


I can't believe what I just read in my e-mail inbox. A real reporter goes off of two confirmed sources, but I only have one right now. But this is just news I can't keep inside. And the news is, apparently, that karma is real. I just finished writing my April Fool's post (on Kyrylo Fesenko which you can read here) and it's only hours since I went 'neutral' on Tyrone Corbin -- but was still obviously making fun of him. Well, according to a source I have within the LHM Group of Companies the Utah Jazz are going to schedule a press conference on Thursday, April 3rd, to announce that head coach Corbin is going to come back for at least another two seasons.

This isn't an April fools joke, ladies and gentlemen. My source works within a part of that organization that receives schedule information. He's not one of the decision makers, but is partly responsible for events set up. Previously he gave me Jerry Sloan information leading up to the announcement that he'd have a banner night months before it happened. And, well, his credibility with me is pretty high.

Personally I am devastated. But when I look at it from where the Jazz are coming from, I kind of see why they would do this. The LHM group of companies doctrine seems to make it all the more clear (if you've worked for them you can confirm this). Furthermore, Tyrone Corbin was a former player for the Jazz, and an assistant coach for 7 seasons before assuming the role of the next Head coach. He is finishing up his fourth year with the team at this level and will be staying with the team during a critical period in franchise history. During this season we have seen Coach Corbin make more in-game adjustments than before, and he has shown some level of growth in terms of his offensive and defensive schemes. I have been quietly impressed with the addition of more dribble hand off action, even if I haven't said as much about it publicly. It allows for different angles of attack than simple passing. It's just not completely effective because our two young bigs, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, haven't figured out how to plant, screen, and pass at the same time.

Corbin has his flaws, but the one hallmark of the Jazz is loyalty. Corbin has been a part of this franchise for over a decade, and he was the first choice to run it after the old guard had moved on. Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson aren't walking through that door, and it's not because Tyrone Corbin is blocking the door frame. It's because they also have faith in him. Former Jazz coach Frank Layden has also offered up vocal support for Corbin in recent weeks. It's fair to say that the people who really are in the know do know that he's coming back. And they also know what it takes to be a head coach in this league.

That's something I clearly don't know. But I do know one thing: while I've had many differences with how Corbin has coached, and while I feel like he is primarily responsible for the retarded growth and development of the young players (Favors, Kanter, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks, and to a lesser extent rookies Trey Burke, Ian Clark and Rudy Gobert), I do know that this post IS another April Fool's joke!

HA! I made all of this up. My source in events planning didn't e-mail anything.