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The Downbeat #1323: Hoe to the end of the row!

The Jazz reassure us that they are going to give us everything they have.

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Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Couple videos to start us off. First a video presented from The Standard Examiner. In it we get to meet new Jazzman, Erik Murphy. Take a look. Enjoy the Lennox commercial at the beginning. You know I did.

The Standard Examiner

Our own Jazzman, Gordon Hayward is getting some serious publicity by USAToday in this video with Eddie Johnson.

Why you need to know rising star Gordon Hayward

Some better news on the draft front. Possible #1 pick in the NBA draft Joel Embiid is declaring and possible Top 5 pick Julius Randle is declaring for the NBA draft as well.

Potential No. 1 pick Joel Embiid makes it official, will enter NBA Draft | ProBasketballTalk

PBT's NBA Draft expert, Ed Isaacson of and Rotoworld, confirmed that Embiid is likely a top two pick, a good rim protector whose offensive game developed quickly, a good sign. The potential is there. However, to quote Isaacson speaking to PBT, "He likely needs a lot more all-around development than people realize."

Julius Randle of Kentucky Wildcats on NBA draft - ESPN

Kentucky freshman Julius Randle will leave school after one season in a move that was anticipated prior to the start of the year, multiple sources told ESPN.

Julius Randle, however, tweeted out that he has not yet reached a decision.

This is good news for the Jazz. The larger the pool at the top, the better chance they have of drafting a long term player for the future. MOAR TALENT = MOAR JAZZ = LESS VETZ

Gordon Monson has come up with a "unique" way to solve the tanking debate.

Monson: To heck with the NBA lottery — there’s a better way | The Salt Lake Tribune

There's a better-yet-still-imperfect solution: Get rid of the lottery and replace it with an annual tournament among the non-playoff qualifiers. Enter those 14 teams in a mini-playoff in which the winner gets the top pick, the runner-up gets the second pick, and on down the line. That would keep players, teams and fans interested, even in and with clubs that had underperformed because of injury or inexperience or lack of motivation. In that case, being purposely bad, extraordinarily bad, would hold some reward, but less reward. And teams that were ready to step up, could and would ascend the next season to the playoffs proper. The downside: Truly awful teams might never extricate themselves from their hole.

[Note by My_Lo, 04/10/14 10:53 AM EDT

I still don't think this would solve anything. Under this hypothetical Golden State would still have tanked their way out of the playoffs because they would feel they could have a superior team in said tournament.]

I don't have the answer. I don't know if any one particular person has an answer, but together the NBA should be able to solve the problem for rewarding mediocracy. There have been many multiple ideas thrown around to solve the tanking/draft issues. What ideas do you guys have to solve the issue. I am looking for feasible, realistic ways to solve the problem of losing on purpose. Add in the comments. BTW I love the word suckfest... in this article.

The losses are piling up and it's taking it's toll reports Aaron Falk of the Salt Lake Tribune.

Utah Jazz vow to finish strong, but losses taking a toll | The Salt Lake Tribune

"You just got to stay with it," the rookie point guard said, surrounded by supporters in the Jazz locker room following Tuesday’s loss to the Dallas Mavericks. "The adversity that we’re facing right now as a team, it’s only going to make us stronger in the future." Trey Burke

These are some mature comments from our young rookie point guard.

. What was the most surprising thing concerning the Utah Jazz this year? Why?