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Utah Jazz end of season Jam Sessions Part 3: Three awesome things to look forward to

I asked the guys and gals some questions. You'll get a new one each day. Enjoy.

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We love Jam sessions here at SLC Dunk. It makes sense as we're the Utah Jazz, the only music related team in the league (unless you think Thunder is music). So for the end of this season I asked the crew seven questions. You'll get a new one each day all week long. Hope you enjoy these.


#3: What are the three best positive things this team did that you want to see carry over for next season?

Basketball John: There's not a whole lot I want to carry over to next season. I think the chemistry between the players has improved and that will continue to get better. I hope Favors' hunger carries over . And I want the disappointment and sting from this season to carry over. That might not seems like a positive thing but I believe it will motivate the players next year.

Peter J Novak: 1. I love the Burke to Favors PNR, it is bound to be a staple in the future Jazz offense.

2. Burks ability to get to the rim and make circus shots has potential to become a bigger cog in the offense in the future.

3. If we can keep games close, Burke can finish them with dagger 3 point shots.

Clark: a) The guys we expect to be here for the long haul got to play. They struggled mightily sometimes, but I think every single one of them will be better in the long run for it.

b) Alec Burks especially has made some big strides and looks like a bona fide NBA scorer, if not a very good starter in this league. He's made some big strides forward that are exciting.

c) We have great assets that are a side effect of losing a lot of games that will be valuable going forward.

TazzJazzFan: 1) the improvement of Alec Burks

2) Enis Kanter's improving inside presence

3) the young guys taking a leadership role in clutch situations

Moni: a) the new perspective of franchise guys like Jerry Sloan and Karl Malone as assets that can help the team

b) Dennis Lindsey establishing a bigger national and international scouting staff

c) the Jazz actually sending someone to the Sloan Conference this year

YuccaMan: 1. Gordon Hayward’s all-around game. So many have focused on his poor shooting—and it’s been ugly at times—but he really improved the other parts of his game. Assists are way up. Rebounds (his biggest weakness in years past, imo) is up to a normal average for a SF. I believe that if the Jazz can find one or two better top scorers to play alongside him (like Burks), we’ll see a lot of benefits to the demands Gordo had placed on him this year.

2. Favors offensive game.

3. Alec Burks.

Spencer Campbell: 1) They gave the keys to Burke, I hope that whoever they draft they give him the keys or playing time and let Burke, ?, and the kids get after it

2) Burks getting the ball at the end of games. It only happened a couple of times, but it produced results.

3) Running a consistent Pick and Roll with Favors. It will take time, but Favors seems to be catching on to the timing of when to dive, when to pick, when to pop ect. Should be fun to watch moving forward.

Prodigal Punk: Trey Burke and ____ pick and rolls, Jeremy Evans in the rotation, Alec Burks' scoring

AllThatAmar:1) Derrick Favors recognizing more and more often that he's the best player on the court.

2) Alec Burks being "that guy" that some of us knew he'd be. If you look at the dudes who have gotten 8 or more FTA in a game for our team over the last four seasons, Alec has done it 20 of total 125 possible times someone in a Jazz jersey did it. It's a remarkable number when you factor in that he was systematically kept on the bench for the vast majority of his pro career. (Point of reference Paul Millsap has done it 24 times).

3) We don't like it now, in a season where we are hungry for losses, but Trey Burke's clutch ability will pay dividends in the future. He makes all of his free throws. Rarely throws the ball away. And is nearing "Money Man" 3pt% when the game is close in the fourth quarter.


Thanks again gang, and please be sure to give your answers in the comments section as well! Woo! Participation!