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Utah Jazz Head Coach Tyrone Corbin made the tough decisions this year

YuccaMan tweet rant should be a lesson to us all.

"You will be benched unless you give me a high five!"
"You will be benched unless you give me a high five!"
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Utah Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin has been lauded by many members of the media organization that is owned by the same company that also owns the Jazz. (Sometimes called "al-Jazzera") He's not received the same type of universal praise from national media organizations or the actual free press of the local news papers. Still, literally dozens of fans have come to Corbin's defense this season.

The actual majority of fans, specifically those who don't even visit this site, have a different point of view. To help break down why people still defend Corbin we have Yucca going on a twitter rant. Truly, you can see that he's had to make a lot of tough decisions this season.

Please add your own, in what seems to be, Ty Corbin day at the Dunk.