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Utah Jazz end of season Jam Sessions Part 4: Storylines and Storytime

I asked the guys and gals some questions. You'll get a new one each day. Enjoy.


We love Jam sessions here at SLC Dunk. It makes sense as we're the Utah Jazz, the only music related team in the league (unless you think Thunder is music). So for the end of this season I asked the crew seven questions. You'll get a new one each day all week long. Hope you enjoy these.


#4: What was the biggest storyline of this season? What was the biggest non-story line of this season??

Basketball John: I'm trying not to make everything about the coaching situation, but it's been the elephant in the room for the entire season. It became apparent that he wasn't going to be the coach going forward. There was an immediate conflict between the team direction and the Ty's coaching decisions. The season was defined by Dennis Lindsey as one for development. Normally that comes at the cost of wins. If you're a coach on the way out and trying to land a future job, are you going to be inclined to develop players? Especially if those players aren't part of *your* future?

Corbin has done what's best for him and who can blame him?

As far as the biggest non-story line this season, it has to be the constant Jazz twitter bickering. I still believe Jazz twitter fans are a very small subset of Jazz fans in general but they're the most passionate and hard core. You're going to get conflict. I think it brings out someone's true colors though in a season like this.

Peter J Novak: The storyline of the season has changed a bit. It started with how bad the team was minus Trey Burke and converted into how well they were developing when he returned. It has since trended back to the team being bad with much of the blame being handed to Coach Tyrone Corbin. In reality, the team is going to finish at or close to the 25.5 games that Las Vegas predicted they'd win, and the cyclical nature of the season was heavily reliant on the difficulty of the schedule at any given time.

Clark: Like it or not, Tyrone Corbin has absolutely dominated the discussion of the Jazz, and not only on this site. Personally, I've hated talking about Corbin and the job he is doing all year. It's like an overplayed song on the radio that you hate hearing. I have been very vocal that I don't think he's the right guy for the job moving forward, but that he has gotten some very unfair criticism as well. I know there have been seasons in the past that caused fans to play couch GM or coach, but in my 20+ years of fandom, the discussion of the coaching job has never been such a hot button topic from day one.

Non story? The lack of action during the trade deadline. A lot of things came together to make a trade at the deadline difficult and unlikely, but the inability to acquire a few more assets was surprising. Brandon Rush's inability to come back and contribute in any way has a lot to do with that.

TazzJazzFan: Trey Burke not being to NBA starter standard. The kid can play.

Moni: (No Comment)

YuccaMan: Biggest storyline: The defense was a disaster. I don’t know anyone who saw that coming. It still blows my mind. If you can point out one thing that will cost Corbin his job, that’ll be it.

Biggest non-storyline: Is Trey Burke a bust? Remember all the angst during summer league and then the pre-season? Well, that question up and died once he returned from injury. Sure, Trey’s shooting still left us wanting more than we’d like. But it’s clear he’s a good player with a long career ahead of him.

Spencer Campbell: The inexcusable backing of Ty and every one of his decisions being the best decision ever. What happens if Hayward leaves? I don't think we talked about this enough.

Prodigal Punk: The Jazz fully committing to developing the young players, and how much they actually developed. The non-story was the Sidney Lowe tax thing. It's his personal life and I maintain the stance that it's his personal life, and has nothing to do with his role as an assistant coach.

AllThatAmar:The biggest "real" story this year has to be the lack of experimentation out there. In a season where, we are told, the keys have nothing to do with wins you really have only pride to blame if you decide to put wins as the main reason to justify who you play. Several times in post-game interviews and practice time we heard the coaching staff talk about that. "You need to put guys out there who give you the best shot to . . . " to what, Ty? To win? Wins aren't important right now. There's more to creativity than just anniversary sex. This is hilarious to me because the times in Corbin's head coaching career where he was forced by circumstance to be creative he has stumbled onto good things. The three bigs lineup two seasons ago was one. And last year the three guards line up was another (Burks, Foye, Hayward). This year we got . . . uh . . . Mike Harris checking Kevin Durant to end the game.

The biggest non-story has been the fans this year. People are allowed to be different types of fans. People are allowed to be a fan of the same thing, but gravitate towards being a fan for different reasons. Sure, people hate this blog, hate what we write, and personally attack us. Who cares. We're still fans. Get over yourselves.


Man, unofficial Ty Corbin day just continues . . . crazy . . .